Emergency Joke Before Bedtime!

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(If I wait till tomorrow I’ll forget it overnight.)

The Horse Whisperer, a movie about people on a ranch out West, changes one letter to become an epic film about a Viking with laryngitis: The Norse Whisperer.

My friend “OhioChessFan” has dubbed this game “jokabulary.” Has a ring to it, don’t you think?

8 comments on “Emergency Joke Before Bedtime!

  1. “King Kong,” a movie about a giant ape, who after his capture, wreaks havoc after he escapes. A giant gong, after being struck by monks three times each day for centuries takes revenge upon his tormentors: “King Gong.”
    Let the groans begin.

  2. Or then again, the ranchers might have become realtors in the new movie, “The House Whisperers.”

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