‘President Trump Needs YOU!’ (Really?)

G.O.P. Group Warns Donors Not to Opt Out of Monthly Donations - The New  York Times

I am a Republican. As long as Democrats exist, I will be a Republican. But boy, howdy, they make it hard for you sometimes!

I’ve never gotten the notice pictured above, but plenty of others have cropped up in my email like weeds in a garden. Mostly it’s from out-of-state Congressional candidates. And their message boils down to something like this: “President Trump needs YOU to give ME money!” Dozens of ’em every day.

It doesn’t make me feel generous. I mean, really–“If you don’t send us money, it means you’ve gone over to the dark side”? “We’ll have to tell Trump on you!” Who do they think they are? More to the point, who do they think we are?

And how many of these GOP skinwalkers were absolutely nowhere to be found when President Trump really needed them?

I can’t blame anybody for despising the Republican Party. I’ve made a lot of friends in the GOP, but a lot of the time, we’re comrades in misery. The party leadership seems to have more in common with slimy Democrats than it does with us poor devils who vote for them every two years.

I do they think could have done a great deal more to support President Trump than they did. A very great deal more. And to try to cash in on  his name–boo and hiss.

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  1. I’ve heard that Democrats get plagued with the same constant “Crisis! If you don’t give, you’re a nasty!” emails. We get them through WinRed; they get them through ActBlue. With both you have to be very careful about what boxes turn up checked, or you wind up giving enormous amounts and/or obligating yourself to giving the same thing the next day or on a monthly basis.

    We always used to say that in politics, as in standing water, the scum rises to the top.

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