Ask Google! [Cue Sardonic Laughter]

Blind in the mind: why some people can't see pictures in their imagination

As long as I’m letting off steam…

You know I like to illustrate my blog posts–breaks up the grey. I do this by searching for “images of whatever,” I get a display of images, and I pick one.

But sometimes it’s mighty hard to get an image you want–and easy as pie to get exactly what you don’t want.

So today I searched for “images of indoctrinating little children.” And what did I get?

*Lots and lots of pictures of Nazis, neo-Nazis, and “white supremacists.” As if you could hardly throw a brick without hitting one. No pictures of communists, or teachers’ unions. Oh! And a sinister picture of a little boy reading… are you ready for this? you sure?–a Bible! Oh, horrors!

Yo, Google! I find this incredibly offensive. As we speak, assorted Far Left crazies and perverts are using the schools to indoctrinate children into their own bizarre and self-destructive visions of “sex.” And you think it’s white supremacy that’s going on? Twelve hillbillies in beat-up pickup trucks got the whole Left half of the country scared out of their minds? Presuming they have minds.

Someday I’ll find a source for pictures that doesn’t have any dirty paw-prints on it. Until then… keep searching.

11 comments on “Ask Google! [Cue Sardonic Laughter]

  1. Try using DuckDuckGo for your searches instead. Although they’ve started to slip into “monitoring” status (i.e., left bias), they’re still better than the other search engines at staying neutral. I just now tried a search for “indoctrinating children,” clicked on the “Images” tab, and came up with lots of images of children being indoctrinated with LGBTQWERTY, parents protesting at school boards, etc.

    1. Not a joke. I use DuckDuckGo as my only search engine these days. It’s really the name of a search engine. Or were you referring to my use of the keyboard letters for the perversion abbreviation?

    2. I sometimes like to use the old linotype keyboard: LGBTQETAOINSHRDLU. 🙂

    3. I just did the same search on DDG, and it looked like a certain amount of Christian-bashing going on there. Along with the other content you mentioned.

    4. Duck, Duck, Go, to the best of my knowledge, does not practice censorship in their search results. They still search the Internet and return what is out there, but I don’t believe that they deliberately rank conservative or Christian results lower. It is all edged that Google does that, although I have no direct knowledge of how they rank results.

    5. My stats tanked in 2021–for no apparent reason. I’m convinced it’s because Google was subverting Christian sites.

    6. Some bad stuff has to be expected in impartial searches. Once monitoring begins, we’re back to a search engine that decides what’s good and bad. Besides, someone might want to research the anti-Christian traffic on a particular subject.

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