‘Splat! Goes the Writer’ (2012)

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It’s been brutally cold out here in Jersey-land, these last few days of March. But then we always seem to have bad weather in March. Like this:

Splat! Goes the Writer

I was probably lucky the doorstep wasn’t iced, too. A few days ago in Pennsylvania, snow and ice and fog combined to create a horrendous pileup on Route I-81. People were killed. Dozens of cars and trucks were wrecked.

We’re supposed to get some warm weather today, finally. But somewhere I’ll bet it’s snowing.

4 comments on “‘Splat! Goes the Writer’ (2012)

  1. Cold, snow, and ice. I am sitting here with our fan on, for I am sweating. But sometimes we get rain, rain, more rain, and then more rain, and more and more…did I tell you it rains a lot here? And we have earthquakes and small tremors about twice a month. Sometimes you ask, “Did you feel that?” Other times the whole building is rocking and rolling…no need to ask…

    1. Oh yeah! Big, monster movie size. I really did see one that was almost the size of my hand.

  2. It’s been unusually cool here in the desert. It had been up in the 90s, a week or two ago, but Tuesday was cold and rainy. Looking at our long range forecast, it’s going to be cooler than average for the next two weeks. I’m ok with that, because in this locale, average for this time of year tends to be pretty warm, so I’ll be enjoying an April that actually looks like spring.

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