Memory Lane: ‘Jambalaya’

I remember my father whistling this, and sometimes singing it, while he cut our hair.

Hank Williams scored a hit with Jambalaya in 1952, and it must have remained popular throughout the Fifties or I wouldn’t have remembered it. Every now and then someone else would record it: the Carpenters spring to mind.

Singing about “big fun on the bayou”–I wonder what would happen if anybody came out with a song like that today? Would we suddenly remember that “blameless” and “wholesome” are good things, after all? Or would the wokies shut it down because it’s cis-intersectional or something?

I am so glad I grew up then, and not now.

5 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Jambalaya’

  1. Wow, I haven’t thought about this song in ages — and now I won’t be able to get it out of my head.

    By the way, I won’t be posting much today. It’s housecleaning and chore day, and then catch up on the 5,379 emails clogging up my inbox — most of which are spam or other throwaways.

  2. I had a great childhood. I didn’t have any teachers that tried to sexualize me. Music was more fun back then. Remember the “One Eyed, One Horned, Purple People Eater?”

    1. Oh yeah, I remember that! I remember the Carpenters singing that. I also remember Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins, Johnny Horton and a host of other great singers.

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