Please Pray for Us

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Yesterday afternoon I sat here, working, while Patty was outside talking on the phone.

She suddenly let out a series of screams–and disappeared. I opened the door and found her lying on the sidewalk. She’s not dead or anything like that. No–a yellowjacket flew toward her face while she was talking, another couple of yellowjackets joined in, and she panicked, lost her footing, and fell off the porch step.

Now she’s stuck on the couch, it hurts too much to try to walk… and I’m worn-out, too (and it’s only 8 o’clock). It’d be nice if we had some sunshine, but so far this year we never get two sunny days in a row.

This is getting to be depressing. I mean, it’s one thing after another. We picked up her car yesterday morning. They’d had it in the shop for three weeks: squirrels had chewed up all the wires. Cost a fortune.

We need a break. We need recovery time. Please pray for us.

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  1. Oh, Lee, how terrible! Did Patty break anything? I’m praying for both of you, and I’ll continue praying especially hard all day.

    1. We don’t think she broke anything (just try getting her to go to the doctor), but everything hurts and she can’t get off the couch. Not exactly a picnic for me, either.
      Thanks for your prayers. If we don’t get a break soon, we’re done for. This will drive me totally insane.

  2. I know the feeling. I have been praying for you, as well as a number of other friends, and I won’t stop now. It is just one thing after another, never ending. I can join the rest with all my health issues and the way they are restricting me. I am 89 years old now, and it ain’t fun. I feel very sorry about Pat’s fall and her pain. Prayers continue.

  3. Yes, I think of you as “the younger guy” and it seems sometimes as if everyone is the “kid”.

  4. I was still very able to work 5-6 days a week, managing a consignment store in the little town in Washington, in a main st. building I had given to my sons. It was a blast, meeting all the people, decorating front display windows, making sales, all that, at age 78. Now, at 89, I can’t even safely drive any more. sighhh.

    1. We don’t want you suddenly trying to play basketball–take care of yourself, Erlene: there’s a lot of love for you here.

    1. Hi, Lisa–how are you doing at your new house?
      I don’t know how you can help us, but just the thought is worth something.
      Getting Patty upstairs to the bathroom isn’t easy.

    2. The house is good. These days we are living in are trying indeed, and tiring. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other as you have been doing. Wish I lived closer to help with physical needs, hope someone near you can help. God bless.

    3. We’re pretty much on our own. Most of my family has died out (I’m the oldest living member), or else moved hundreds of miles away.
      How I’d love to have someone drive down to Keyport and bring us home some fried scallops!

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