Bonus Video: Turtles Do It, Too

Just in case you thought only cats can climb… well, turtles do it, too. They’re surprisingly good at climbing up; going down, not so much.

I love snapping turtles. They’re intrepid. They’re rather easily tamed, especially when they’re young, and they can make good pets. Their fearsome reputation is due wholly to their unwillingness to be messed with.

5 comments on “Bonus Video: Turtles Do It, Too

    1. Lots of turtles are good at climbing: musk turtles are often found in trees, and box turtles are great at escaping from a chicken-wire turtle pen.

    2. Musk turtles, box turtles, snappers, and wood turtles are all excellent climbers. But I don’t think you’ll find any of them in your neck of the woods.
      Has your friendly neighborhood jaguar been around lately?

    3. Funny you should ask. I just had to shoo him off my porch, again. He can be a pest at times. 🙂

      Seriously, there haven’t been any recent reports of the Jaguar lately. I’ve hear, anecdotally, that he’s still out there. The area is thick with deer, so it’s an advisable location for such a cat.

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