‘A New “T. Rex”… with Feathers’ (2015)

Can we take up a collection for this poor creature?

I don’t know if they still have their 2015 reconstruction of Tyrannosaurus rex, but one can always hope they came to their senses and got rid of it.

A New ‘T. rex’… with Feathers?

As in everything else, there are fads in dinosaur science. The latest fad was feathers. By and by something else will take its place, if it hasn’t already. Maybe it’ll be clothes. Dinosaurs in clothes.

I’m sorry, but that reconstruction made the great Tyrannosaur look like something that the cat dragged in.

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  1. I love how they “know” all of these things they imagine/want to be the case. The fact is, everything they know for sure involves bones, and in most cases they only have part of the skeleton. Much has been surmised, and not all of it is right.

    1. Edgar Rice Burroughs reconstructed Stegosaurus as a gliding animal, sorta like a flying squirrel. Only much bigger. The landings must’ve been something to see.

    2. One of the greatest sources of frustration in my life are those pesky stegosaurs that glide out of the tree in my back yard. Whooosh! THUD! Whooosh! THUD! Day and night, all the time. I’m pretty sure that’s why the neighborhood Jaguar doesn’t hang around anymore. 🙂

      Whooosh! THUD!

      Dang it! There goes another one.

  2. Next will be a “discovery” that the T. Rex wore nail polish, which I guess I should have called claw polish.

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