Do You Need Slippers?

Centipede - Extension Entomology

My wife received an email message offering to sell her 48 pairs of slippers for a mere $108.19.

“Forty-eight pairs?” she wondered. “What do they think I am–a centipede?”

All 48 pairs are extra-large, all of them a dull yellow. Maybe if you owned a chain of department stores it’d be a good deal. But we don’t own a chain of department stores.

(Anybody want to buy a case of Compound W?)

Do they really expect someone to buy a case of 48 pairs of slippers, all exactly alike? It’s very puzzling, that we should get that offer. Is email advertising so cheap, you can just leave it up to robots and devote no thought to it at all?

Does it seem to you that ever since the COVID lockdowns, etc., many things no longer function as they should?

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