Don’t Let This Happen to You

Y’know, your car or truck has a parking brake for a reason. Use it! Or you can always just not park out on the edge of the water. The newsie’s in the way, so we don’t see what happened to the vehicle until it’s too late. Glub-glub.

Crikey! Where’s this year going? April’s almost over. Are we having fun yet? When I was a boy, a year took forever. When I was ten, a year was 10% of my life. Being in school made it seem like 20 years.

Time speeds up as you slow down. Now I’m old, it’s almost my birthday already, and the time is whizzing by… next stop, Halloween. It’s frightening, how fast it flies.

I’ll feel less fidgety once I get around to writing my next book. Meanwhile, April 24… how the heck did that happen?

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