Your Old Shoes Could Be Worth $10,000!

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Don’t blame me for this. It’s Byron the Quokka’s idea.

I’m not sure he understands the difference between “could be” and “Are you out of your mind?” Maybe somewhere in the galaxy is a place where they pay extravagant prices for worn-out shoes. I wish I knew where it was. Maybe right next door to that place where they have Kevin Costner playing Othello.

I think I’ll go to bed now.

7 comments on “Your Old Shoes Could Be Worth $10,000!

  1. I think I will go to bed shortly even though it is a lot earlier here than where you are. I made it to church and Bible study this morning, but only barely. I have to go without food otherwise I feel even worse. After I got home and ate a bit the rest of the day was really difficult. Old age, such fun.

  2. Don’t worry, Joshua. I’ve thrown away a lot more old shoes in all my days upon the earth. We will make it.

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