Off the Hook at Last!

Off The Hook

Wahoo! Huzzah! We’re finally off the hook with the IRS!

My wife made a small error in filling out our 2019 tax return–put a number on the wrong line–and they came after us for $600.

How many times did she call them to explain the error and ask for it to be corrected? I don’t know–lots and lots of times. Hours spent on hold. King COVID wreaked havoc on the day-to-day operations of the IRS: people working at home without certain computer access, phones not being answered, unable EVER to speak to the same agent twice, etc., etc. It was driving us crazy–and then the threats started. Pay this sum by such-and-such a date or we’ll freeze your bank account. Or send centaurs to your door in the middle of the night.

So we got a letter from the IRS today. O frabjous day!

The key to the message–“Amount Due: $0.00”.

I had to restrain my wife from running out in the rain and doing cartwheels on the sidewalk. And she had to restrain me.

7 comments on “Off the Hook at Last!

  1. Good for you folks. I have been through things like this a number of times, and it really gets old. Glad you are off the hook.

    1. No, it was not really a moral victory. Just an end of the problem. All government agencies are filled with evil people, and I have met many of them. Of course, there are some decent folks among them, but on the whole, it seems government agencies attract the worse kind of people. But smiling, being polite, and kind does go a long way when dealing with anyone, and certainly with folks employed in all government agencies.

    2. Sorry to disagree, Mike, but nearly 20 years of various government service has taught me that the mix is about the same as in the private sector. I will be the first to agree that there are some sad cases that cling to civil service jobs with the knowledge that they are all but impervious to termination, but there are many other government workers that are dedicated, sincere people.

      When I faced the flag and took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, it meant a great deal to me and I wanted to do my best. I knew many other people that felt the same way. I’ve been treated poorly by government workers and actually had a similar situation to Lee’s, some years ago. I resolved it by being respectful and cooperative. I don’t think that they expected that.

      I probably earned hundreds of thousands of dollars less by being in government service than I would have in the private sector. Since joining the private sector my income has risen significantly, but I can’t say that I regret my years in government service. There are things in place to this day that I spearheaded and I’ve been able to help several young people start their careers, by being a compassionate supervisor and allowing them to grow into their job responsibilities.

      Lastly, I still maintain that this was a moral victory. The cause of goodness prevailed, and that’s a moral victory in my book.

  2. I really understand your problem. I have spent, literally, thousands of hours dealing with them, both state and federal, and with other government agencies in (paperwork, phone calls, letters, research, etc.). In terms of cost, lost revenue, time, and worry, it’s well in excess of $100,000 dollars.

    Next time, if there is, go to their office or agency in person and make sure you speak to the one in charge. Don’t forget to bring the log of everything, letters, and phone calls, and bring all your paperwork and proof. Even if the trip to the agency is 10 hours away, make the trip, I am sure you will be happy you did so.

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