Memory Lane: ‘Brother Juniper’

Brother Juniper

I know a lot of you aren’t old enough to have enjoyed this one-panel comic strip that featured in many newspapers, way back in the 1960s. But if you are old enough, do you remember “Brother Juniper”?

These cartoons went for smiles, not belly-laughs. They were gentle, quiet, benign. They must’ve been popular: a lot of newspapers carried them, and once in a while they were published in paperback.

I wonder if Brother Juniper could prosper in this superheated political atmosphere (I don’t recall the cartoon ever getting into politics). Would the little monk suddenly find himself accused of intersectional cis-ableism?

Yeah, probably.

4 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Brother Juniper’

  1. Well, that is not down my memory lane. I am old enough, but I do not remember. Maybe it was not syndicated in our city’s newspapers comic strip.

  2. I remember it, and I always enjoyed it. There was usually some very gentle humor in it. You’re right; we tended to smile rather than laugh.

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