“‘Your God?” Really?’ (2017)

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The first step toward Beethoven’s symphonies… and Gilligan’s Island reruns.

Yeah, yeah–it rained on the rocks and the rocks came alive, and we don’t need God because we’ve got Really Smart People and Science…

‘Your God’? Really?

I can’t even imagine the horror of there being no God, no hope of justice, no mercy, no salvation or forgiveness, and no higher court than our own miserable excuses for government.

It is kind of funny, though, the way they claim God does not exist and that the Bible is just a lot of made-up stories–and then gnash their teeth and say they hate God (who doesn’t exist) for wiping out the Canaanites (which never happened).

That bit about it raining on the rocks and the rocks coming alive is pretty funny, too.

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