Infanticide… Or Not?

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So-called “fact checkers,” Democrat politicians, and sock-puppet “news reporters” are hopping mad over Internet posts that claim that California’s new abortion bill will allow infanticide: babies may be killed seven days, 28 days, six months or whatever… after being born (

Okay, it doesn’t say that.

What it does say is that if a baby dies shortly after being born, coroners will not be required to investigate those deaths. They claim this is to protect women [what happened to “pregnant people”?] from having hardship piled on tragedy: after all, babies can die of natural causes.

But it also might be read to say, “If your baby dies shortly after birth, we’re gonna look the other way.”

At the very least, they need to rewrite this bill with more care taken as to language. But do we really expect Democrats to restrict abortion in any way, for any reason? Have they not shown us, abundantly, that they love abortion? It’s kind of a sacrament for them.


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  1. Yeh, things are so obscure that people could miss the intention. Not if you have been around any time at all.

  2. It certainly seems I’ll conceived to me. Apparently, to some people, killing the innocent has become a fundamental right. As the days of Noah were …

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