‘Say What???’ (2020)

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Is this the face that launched a thousand slips?

All liberals are geniuses, right? I mean, that’s what we’ve always been told.

Chelsea Clinton is a liberal; therefor Chelsea Clinton is a genius.

Say What???

Now, if you posit that liberals are not geniuses, but dolts, then the above-cited nooze story will make sense to you.

“Oh! If only my maternal grandmother had had access to Planned Parenthood!”


Biden Too Far-Out Even for the Pope

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“Incoherent?” Me???

Pope Francis I, who has come up with more than a few prize whoppers in his time, says he can’t make head nor tail of SloJo Biden’s position on abortion–which he has called “incoherent” and incomprehensible (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/pope-derides-biden-s-abortion-views-catholic-self-identity-as-incoherence/ar-AAZxZ7j).

I wouldn’t have thought it possible that you could take a moral position which this pope would find objectionable. But Joe’s been in politics a long time. If he couldn’t do it, nobody can.

SloJo, who calls himself “a devout Catholic” (where do they learn to lie like that?), is on record supporting abortion under all circumstances, no restrictions whatsoever.

Catholic teaching calls abortion a moral sin. If any pope is going to deviate from that, he might as well find another job. Not even Francis, “the Red Pope,” friend to communism, world government, neo-paganism, Amazon fertility goddesses–not even he can follow SloJo that far out onto the abortion limb. It might break off.

We are seeing a plan for human extinction, engineered by fools who don’t know they’re under Satan’s direction, play itself out before our very eyes. A) Abort every baby they can. B) Provide sterility-causing “gender reassignment” to those who get past the abortionist: at the very least, sell them on LGBTQetc.–no babies that way. C) Shoot ’em up with experimental “vaccines” that might hasten them on to the morgue. D) Always offer assisted suicide as an option, worthy of the highest praise and emulation.

This is their plan for ridding the world of humanity.

Just a little too far-out even for this pope.

This Pastor Isn’t Kidding

Pastor Greg Locke's Fiery Easter Sermon--'Take Them Stupid Masks Off'

Pastor Greg Locke

Damn! I couldn’t get the video to work. Oh, there’s plenty of video on YouTube, but all of it sharply slanted against Pastor Greg Locke of Mount Juliet’s Global Vision Bible Church, in Tennessee. But if you click the link below, “Isreal365news.com” will provide you with some highlights of his sermon.


This man is not messing around. “You cannot be a Democrat and a Christian!” he says–a “baby-butchering election thief”–and if you remain a Democrat, he wants you out of his church.

Idiots called for some kind of “investigation” of the pastor, but he beat them to the punch by publicly renouncing his church’s 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. By the way, if you know of even one time that the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” or the ACLU ever went after a pastor who sided with Democrats, please let us all know about it.

Yes, the “nooze” outlets are all lined up against this guy. “Oh, how simply dreadful! A preacher denouncing a political party from his pulpit! Quick, the smelling salts! Oh, the extremism! Really, I think I’m going to be ill!” What a bunch of claggers. But then anytime you see the noozies being unanimous, you can be pretty sure it’s a Democrat talking point fed to them by their masters.

Pastor Locke, you go, brother! You have said things that needed to be said.

That’s how you’ve freaked them out.

‘The Pregnant Man’ Returns

No, it’s not a 1950s horror movie. It’s 2022 abortion politics.

When someone not yet identified leaked an impending Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, the ruling that “legalized” abortion without any legislation, Democrats and the rest of the Far Left scream machine went off like dynamite.

And among the first casualties–or so it seemed, just days ago–was the fantastic figure of The Pregnant Man, aka “birthing person” (https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2022/05/12/democrats-have-jumped-back-on-the-men-can-get-pregnant-fantasy-train-n1597284). Suddenly abortion was all about “women’s health”–not “birthing person’s”–and “a woman’s right to choose.” Women this, women that, and not a pregnant man anywhere in sight.

Then Senate Democrats rushed to “codify” abortion by making a law to support it. They already had a bill guaranteeing nationwide “abortion rights,” but it failed last year because it was too full of Crazy. So they modified it, trying to make it sound like something not written by untreated mental patients, and a few days ago, put it up for a vote as the Women’s Health Protection Act”–

–Which, once you got past the title, made not one mention of women–unless you want to count the one about all restrictions on abortion “are rooted in misogyny.” Otherwise, pregnant women were replace by “all people with the capacity for pregnancy.”

Yup, he’s back. The Pregnant Man returns.

I think the Dems should dump the donkey and adopt the Pregnant Man as their party’s mascot.

Infanticide… Or Not?

20 Bold Takes on the Roe Draft Opinion - The Atlantic

So-called “fact checkers,” Democrat politicians, and sock-puppet “news reporters” are hopping mad over Internet posts that claim that California’s new abortion bill will allow infanticide: babies may be killed seven days, 28 days, six months or whatever… after being born (https://www.verifythis.com/article/news/verify/government-verify/california-bill-doesnt-allow-killing-babies-7-days-after-birth/536-bd069cb5-0db6-4d73-a05d-0254b5ad23aa).

Okay, it doesn’t say that.

What it does say is that if a baby dies shortly after being born, coroners will not be required to investigate those deaths. They claim this is to protect women [what happened to “pregnant people”?] from having hardship piled on tragedy: after all, babies can die of natural causes.

But it also might be read to say, “If your baby dies shortly after birth, we’re gonna look the other way.”

At the very least, they need to rewrite this bill with more care taken as to language. But do we really expect Democrats to restrict abortion in any way, for any reason? Have they not shown us, abundantly, that they love abortion? It’s kind of a sacrament for them.


Dems to Revive Failed Abortion Bill

NY Senator Calls for Renewed Crackdown on Dark Web Drug Sales | WIRED

Remember when there was only one of him?

Sen. Upchuck Schumer (D-Bedlam) wants to have another vote on the “Women’s Health Protection Act”–euphemism for “Abortion ’em all!”–which failed in the Senate some two months ago (https://dailycaller.com/2022/05/05/democrats-white-supremacy-gender-oppression-abortion-womens-health-protection-act/).

Get a load of all the schiff they had to take out of the bill before they could make it ready for another vote:

White supremacy, transgenderism, gender oppression, “pregnant people” including men, “enslavement” (do they mean “slavery”? So hard to tell with these people)… and rape, of course: restricting abortion will cause more rapes…

Were they surprised when this bill failed?

I ask again: are these people as crazy as they sound?

Censorship Abounds

A few days ago I posted a YouTube video of a priest, Fr. James Altman in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, standing up for the truth: declaring, in no uncertain terms, that you can’t be Catholic and be pro-abortion (https://leeduigon.com/2021/04/30/another-priest-stands-up-for-truth/).

Last night Dawn Renee wanted to see that video, only to find it had been taken down. Earlier this morning, Phoebe tried to comment on it, only to see her comment disappear instead of being posted. I found the comment in the spam folder, where it should not have been, and moved it to the post where it belongs.

I went back to YouTube and was surprised to find Father Altman’s videos still there. I will now pause in writing this to look again.

[Ten minutes later] Well, I can’t find that particular video on YouTube just now. But there are still some other Father Altman videos present in which he makes the point, “You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat. Period.” Like this one.

Let’s see how long this video stays here before someone removes it. Who? I don’t know. If somebody out there knows, please tell me. Why? I think because Big Tech is imposing a rigid censorship regime. How? I have no idea.

They think that by silencing us in the social media, they’ll stop us. Like, if we can’t say it, we won’t be able to think it. But we do say it, sunshine, and we do think it; and you are not fooling us. We see what you’re up to and we don’t like it!

O Lord our God! Give us the tools and weapons that we need to fight the ungodly and turn them back from their attempted conquest of the earth. Give us greater courage than theirs, greater endurance, greater strength, and greater intelligence than theirs. Confound them and defeat them: fight for us, O God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

M. Obama Says Her Babies Killed Her ‘Aspirations and Dreams’

TheRightRant: Michelle Obama loves to spend your money

Her husband, the worst president ever, once said abortion is how girls and young women “fulfill their dreams.”

Now, in a recently-released Netflix toady-flic, Michelle Obama has blamed her children for–well, it sounds like ruining her life. “The thing that really changed it [her life] was the birth of our children,” the former Worst Lady said. “Something had to give and it was my aspirations and dreams” (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/michelle-obama-says-she-gave-up-her-aspirations-and-dreams-to-have-children).

Who in his right mind is going to sit there and watch a thing like that? (Not many, I’ve heard: but the Internet is curiously devoid of any reports on the movie’s reception.) And why didn’t they just get the kids aborted, and thus fulfill her dreams?

Wouldn’t you say she had a pretty good run, though? No-show job worth several hundred thou. Wife of the president. Spent boxcar-loads of public money on herself: at least $85 million on personal travel and vacations alone (https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/white-house/article123335079.html). Looks to me like she’s had a damned fine time at our expense.

I do feel sorry for the daughters for having had to hear this from their, er, mother.

Say What???

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of a president and a presidential candidate, is living proof that a hereditary presidency would be a terrible idea.

Now, she said this some years ago, and it blew up in her face; so naturally she has said it again, just recently.

Chelsea wishes her grandmother had had “access” to Planned Parenthood: “…[H]ow much I wish that my grandmother–my mom’s mom–had been able to go to a Planned Parenthood” (https://www.lifenews.com/2019/02/20/chelsea-clinton-complains-her-grandmother-did-not-have-access-to-planned-parenthood/).

Hold off on that honorary Mensa membership, folks.

Not surprisingly, the bizarre comment has again backfired on Chelsea. By the way, have you heard that liberals are, like, miles smarter than everybody else? Or so they tell us.

Chelsea has blamed “anti-choice people”–in regular English, “pro-life”–for twisting her meaning. Obviously she didn’t mean her momma, Hillary, shoulda been snuffed in the womb. No, no. Oh, wait a minute–about 95% of pregnant women who go to a Planned Parenthood facility get abortions. Maybe Chelsea’s grandma would’ve gone there to play dominoes. But the odds against anything but an abortion are mighty steep.

With any bad luck at all, we’re going to wind up with Chelsea in Congress one of these days.

Maybe if we repent real hard, things’ll turn out otherwise.

Buttigieg (or however he spells it): Vileness on Parade

See the source image

I will not publish a picture of that person. Here are two tree frogs instead.

Hey! Did you know stories about abortion are a true national morale booster? Ask presidential wanna be Pete Whatsit: he says, “We are all lifted up” by abortion stories (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/17/pete-buttigieg-we-are-all-lifted-up-by-stories-about-abortions/).

And this–provide your own noun here–has the gall to go traipsing around with a Bible in his dirty hand…

Well, he sez, abortion isn’t about killing a baby. It’s about “freedom”! And “rights”! Like, “Part of American freedom is woman’s freedom to make own [his English, not mine] reproductive decisions–”

And here’s the rest of it. “–And freedom doesn’t exist if there is not funding for low-income abortion services.” By “funding” he means taxes wrung out of people who apparently don’t have the freedom to have nothing to do with abortion. Mayor Whatsisname would force them to pay for something they know to be a mortal sin. Mr. Bible.

This man’s mere appearance in public, let alone his presidential candidacy, is a national disgrace.

But the existence of Planned Parenthood, and an abortion industry, is a bigger one.