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A Slippery, Groveling Worm

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“Oh, that’s somebody else on my yearbook page!”

You gotta hand it to Democrats. Especially to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who has begun to rival Houdini as an escape artist.

Just last week, he tried to push through a late-term abortion law that would allow you to womens-health a baby as it’s being born. Well, the country didn’t like that–a very big stink was raised. Seems infanticide has not yet gained widespread public acceptance.

Suddenly that’s all gone. Nobody’s talking about it anymore.

Because on the heels of this public relations disaster came another: someone leaked a picture of Northam from his 1984 medical school yearbook showing him, in blackface, hanging out with someone in a Ku Klux Klan outfit. Uh-oh: looks like the governor might be a racist! Hey, whatever happened to “It wasn’t me” in that picture? Never mind!

Now he’s gotta get out from under that; so yesterday he appeared on “CBS This Morning” to grovel for the camera and confess, “I was born in white privilege.” ( https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/politics/northam-says-hes-learned-implications-of-white-privilege).  The rest of the sentence, unspoken, goes, “which incidentally is something all you poor patzers out there are going to be punished for and blamed for everything that’s ever gone wrong in this country.” He didn’t have to say it; it’s already been said by every liberal in America.

See, now he understands why it’s wrong for a white man to appear in blackface, he never know that before but now he gets it. More groveling. “I’m still learning,” he said. Sort of like one of those self-criticism orgies during Mao Tse-tung’s Great Cultural Revolution. And lo and behold! Now Democrats want to let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget–and just imagine what we’d be hearing if the baby-bushwhacker were a Republican. Think the nooze media would want to forgive a Republican?

By cracky, he’s gonna wiggle out of it! No resignation. No riots. We haven’t even heard of any new Play-Doh orders for Virginia’s colleges.

The Democrat Party in America is something that all decent people can be ashamed of.

‘Abortion is a Sacrament, Libs Say’ (2015)

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Babies, beware–Democrats are out to get you

I wrote this three years ago. I wonder what I would have thought, if someone had told me that three years later, all the states run by Democrats would be feverishly working to establish late-term abortion–very late, right up to the moment of birth: or even beyond–as a given. I really don’t know whether I’d have believed it.

‘Cause, ya see, back then, womens-healthing your baby was kind of a sacrament for liberals…


I mean, they weren’t admitting, back then, that they wanted to bushwhack the baby as she came out of the womb. They’re only admitting it now.

The Democrats’ Blood-Lust

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Suddenly we have Democrat governors and legislatures in several states doubling and tripling down on abortion–especially late-term abortion, with no such thing as “too late.”

As of the moment, Virginia has vaulted ahead of New York in this blood-lust derby. A Democrat legislator has introduced a bill to allow abortion during delivery, and Gov. Ralph Northam, who used to be a pediatric neurologist, said he’d like to see abortions allowed “during birth” (https://www.redstate.com/sister-toldjah/2019/01/31/co-sponsor-radical-va-abortion-bill-backtracks-support-backlash/).

It’s all for “women’s health,” don’t you know. “Women’s health” is a euphemism for killing your baby because for whatever reason, you don’t want it. There are probably people who don’t want you around, either, but they’re not allowed to kill you.

The co-sponsor of the bill to allow abortion during delivery has backed out: it’s too rich for her.

Now, most Americans have feelings against abortion, and when it comes to late-term abortion, even people who would allow some abortions draw the line at this.

So why are Democrats stampeding for late-term abortion? How do they think that will help them? And please don’t waste my time babbling about they do this ’cause they care for women, or Social Justice, or naked mole rats. Their motivation is incomprehensible to any normal, decent human being.

Why does anybody except a fool or a villain ever vote for Democrats?

If you did that last November, shame on you. It made you complicit in this whole abortion business. Repent and sin no more.

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