The $%#@ing Toilet Broke!

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It’s just about bed-time, I’m watching a little YouTube video, when Robbie starts yowling for some more food and Patty wakes up and starts, um, exhorting me to do that–which means I have to clear away some dirty dishes first, and the cat follows me and carries on like she’s on the very brink of starving to death.

No sooner do I get the dishes into the sink when I am subjected to an urgent call of nature which I dare not ignore, despite the protests that ensue when I rush upstairs to the bathroom.

Finished. I flush the toilet. The handle breaks. Yes, it’s 11:30 at night and the fatzing toilet breaks. This leads to a heart-felt soliloquy.

Now it’s the next morning, and by the light of day I see that I can easily fix this myself if I can only get the parts. Voila, we order them online. Meanwhile, to flush the toilet, we have to remove the top, reach inside, and pull the chain that lifts the flapper.

It’s those little irritations in life that drive you freakin’ crazy.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Those”little” disasters can fill your day sometimes. grrr

  2. You wouldn’t like it here in the Philippines. In many places, you’d be lucky if there was a seat on the toilet! In most places, all you will find is just the rim. Toilet paper, ha, ha, ha, ha, bring your own wherever you go if you want to use it. Flush toilets, ha, ha, ha, ha… a bucket of water and ladle is used to flush the toilets in many places, such as in our bathroom. Our toilet did flush at one time, years ago, but it broke, and so a ladle dipped in the bucket of water does just fine. We keep two large barrels filled with water at all times in the bathroom, for you never know if the water will be running day to day. If you want to wash your hands after using the toilet, bring your own soap, and hand towel if you want to dry your hands.

    Of course, it’s not like that everywhere, but that is truly the norm in many places here.

    This reply is a day late. The internet was down for two days and just came back online.

    1. It’s also not very big. If I stand in the middle, I can touch all four walls. And of course, there is no shower or bathtub (a bucket full of water and a ladle is used to wash). One more thing, no hot water. It’s warm here, but that does not mean the water is warm!

      I am used to things like that now. But it took a long while. Yes, it does make me appreciate even those things I have, for some here, all they have is a see-through shack with nothing more than a hole in the ground to use. One family in our church has a “bathroom,” outhouse like that. I went to use it, and stepped on a board on the floor, it broke, and I almost fell in.

      My brother-in-law who is a pastor never had a place, or went to a place that had running hot water. So one time when he came to visit, we put him and his wife up in a nice hotel here, which had all the amenities, hot water, towels, soap, bathtub, air-conditioning, etc.

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