My Newswithviews Column, May 12 (‘How Much “Sex Ed” Can We Stand?’)

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This is not the column I wrote this week. Newswithviews has instead re-run my column from a month ago, How Much “Sex Ed” Can We Stand? Either the publisher thought it was important, or the whole thing is an accident.

How Much More ‘Sex Ed’ Can We Stand?

But boy howdy, I’ll tell you this: if our civilization ever does go belly-up, the single greatest cause of that, among many great causes, would be our so-called public education system. Thanks to King  COVID, millions of parents finally saw and heard what is actually being taught to their children by unionized “teachers”–sex, more sex, perverse sex, race hatred, and socialism.

The Far Left Crazy unions will never be rooted out of our existing public education system. That system must be scrapped, and children educated at home, in Christian schools, or in neighborhood schooling co-ops.

Public schools didn’t even exist until halfway through the 19th century. We are sure we can manage without them.

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  1. Interesting to see your two articles side by side: Too much sex ed and millennials getting tired of (or being averse to) “having sex.”

    Along similar lines, I’ve always disliked the phrase “having sex,” because it makes the act sound like an everyday routine kind of thing, like someone handing around various dishes and saying “have some chicken, have some mashed potatoes, have some sex, have some string beans….” Eventually you reach the point when people say, “No, thanks, I’m too full.” Or even, “No thanks, I just ate before I got here.”

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