A Real National Leader–in Hungary

Viktor Orban Stock Photo - Alamy

Viktor Orban has been re-elected prime minister of Hungary. Makes a nice change, one of the good guys winning an election.

Orban is out to do what’s best for Hungary. He doesn’t take any guff from George Soros, from NGOs, from the United Nations… and especially not from the European Union (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4063679/posts). In fact, Orban says the EU abuses its power and tries to force an alien culture and ideology upon Hungary.

“However,” he adds, “we still do not let migrants in, we do not give permission to gender ideologies and we do not accept economic measures that would destroy Hungarian families” (for instances, sanctions on Russia that hurt the sanctioning nation more than they hurt Russia).

Gee, we had a leader, once, who used to put America first. What the dickens was his name? Something about a trumpet…? Oh, must’ve imagined it… there’s nobody like that in Washington.

4 comments on “A Real National Leader–in Hungary

  1. If I had to leave America because of persecution I would move to Hungary – but then again, once there and Soros succeeds in getting a globalist elected I would be in the same predicament. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

    1. Ironic, isn’t it? When I was a boy, Hungarian families were squeezing under barbed wire to get out of commie-land and come to America.

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