I Can’t Get Into Gear!

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There’s too much to do!

After going on a passel of errands this morning, I find myself stymied. What to write about? Can’t get the new book started: thunder has been rumbling, can’t sit outside and write. And as for nooze…


Yo, folks, what should I write about today? I mean, that everybody else isn’t already writing about. I think I’ll try to have a cigar and read some of Rodney Stark’s book before it starts to rain. That’ll give you some time to offer suggestions. I need some helpful hints for getting my viewership back up to speed.

2 comments on “I Can’t Get Into Gear!

  1. I don’t think the problem is with you, certainly not altogether. I can’t get in gear either, with this horrible eczema driving me nuts. I am trying every remedy available – difficult using my hands even to type, meds making me even more dizzy and brain fogged than before, etc. I think most people are having difficult times right now. I am trying to write a new study based largely on Habakkuk 2:5-10, but may have to delay because of the condition of my hands. grrrrr

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