Oh…. Fap!

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This day just ain’t going my way.

I did get caught in the rain, big-time. Every time I start to read Rodney Stark’s book, I get rained on. Trying to salvage my cigar break, I stowed the book in the foyer and broke out the umbrella. It wasn’t quite equal to the challenge.

Then we had to make an extra trip to Whole Foods because they failed to deliver what we ordered.

Maybe I should just give it a rest till after suppertime. I’m wet. I’m tired. Can’t think how to improve today’s viewer numbers.

See you later for a cat video.

5 comments on “Oh…. Fap!

  1. I’m sorry about your troublesome day. Mine is no better- just different. We had a briief thunder storm that scared the animals, but didn’t last long. I didn’t go outside, too dizzy and brain foggy. Had to have my son go to the store for me. I hate this being dependent on others for every little thing.

    1. Robbie goes under the bed before we can hear any thunder. She knows what’s coming.
      We are praying for you, Erlene.

  2. I’ve been pretty muzzy-headed myself these last couple of days, partly because Iggy’s been having a bad couple of days.

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