An Audience of Cats

Look at this–half a dozen cats spellbound by a bird on the TV screen. Does it bother them that it’s a two-dimensional image? Obviously not. But how long can they all sit there like obelisks before the temptation’s just too much? We’ll see.

7 comments on “An Audience of Cats

  1. Those are nice cat trees — easy for the cats to climb on, and with occasional hidey spaces. Also good launching pads for the tv screen!

  2. Cats are such intense little predators. They just can’t hold back when there is prey present. Occasionally, the deer in the neighborhood will be just outside the window, and my little Siamese will be right there, shaking with excitement, spellbound by the presence of deer that she’d be afraid of, were there not a pane of glass between her and them. The funny thing is that the deer watch her closely, and sometimes flee when she makes a particularly dramatic lunge in their direction.

    1. The deer in this neighborhood are so accustomed to people, that they will walk right up to you. Apparently there are people that feed them, so if you have anything in your hand, the deer will walk up to see if it’s edible.

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