A Dirty Trick That Failed

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Did China tell him to do it? We’ll never know.

Y’know those “13 amendments” that SloJo’s gang wanted to make to international law, that would have practically erased our country’s sovereignty?

Well, thank God, it seems they’re off the table… at least for the time being (https://frcblog.com/2022/05/biden-backed-whos-latest-power-grab-fails/). Twelve of the 13 have been “taken off the table.”

I’ve devoted a lot of thought to this, and I think I’ve got it figured out. (I can’t help it, it’s the political scientist in me.)

Knowing that this year’s midterm elections are likely to be a catastrophe for the Democrat Party, resulting in Republican control of both the Senate and the House… The Regime decided to run to Davos with these “amendments”… to get them written into “law” (LOL) before the Democrats are ousted from power. It was nothing less than a dirty trick they tried–yes, they tried–to play on America.

The “amendments” would have had the overall effect of giving those globalist geeks at the World Health Organization the power to shut down any country’s economy–more specifically, America’s economy–anytime the head crook sees “a health emergency.” It wouldn’t matter if anyone else could see it or not.

“Ooh-ooh! Why, it’s time for another health emergency lockdown! And just before the midterm elections, too! Good thing we’ve got vote-by-mail and drop boxes and unlimited absentee voting already good to go!” Fast forward to morning after Election Day. “Well, fan my brow! Democrats have swept the midterms! Jeepers, who expected that? Ain’t Dimmocracy grand!”

How stupid do they think we are, to fall for this?

Why did the amendments fail? Who voted to scrap them? For how long are they going to stay scrapped?

We don’t know the answers to those questions because WHO dunnit secretly. No press, no leaks. Rumor has it that Brazil and Russia strongly objected to the loss of their national sovereignty. Maybe a lot of other countries did, too. All we can be sure of is that the Biden gang sure as hell didn’t object to wiping out America’s sovereignty. After all, it was their idea to wipe it out.

And they hustled to get it done before the midterms. Haste makes waste, sunshine.

We need to annihilate the Democrats, hopefully forever, in this year’s elections. Meanwhile we need to keep a close watch on them and Red China and their little puppets in WHO in case they try again when they think we’re not looking.

Globalism must die. That’s all there is to it.

4 comments on “A Dirty Trick That Failed

  1. I haven’t been able to find out what that surviving 13th amendment is. It might be the worst one. Anyway, as with all the other backtracking the leftists have done, don’t expect this one to be the end. They’ll find a way to sneak the same things in under different names or different extrapolations from existing documents.

    I’m thinking of changing my name to Cassandra, since so many of my doom-and-gloom predictions that people pooh-poohed in the past have come true.

  2. Globalism is really an asinine idea. Didn’t work for Nimrod, and we didn’t learn a thing.

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