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‘Acting Guilty’ (2014)

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Climbit Change alarmists were acting guilty four years ago, and they’re still acting guilty today. Saving The Planet is just too good an excuse for acquiring and wielding absolute power–the straw to stir global government’s drink.


I’ll always remember how joyful I was when, literally within 60 seconds of his inauguration, President Trump’s administration removed all references to Global Warming from his White House website.

Oh–and by 2015 New York City was supposed to have the climate of Daytona Beach, Florida. Al Gore said so.

Google’s Post-Election Howl

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Someone has leaked an hour-long video of Google’s “all hands” meeting in the wake of Election Night, 2016, in which the Google brass bewailed and lamented the defeat of Hillary Clinton and vowed to do everything in their power to stop the elected president, Donald Trump, from carrying out his agenda. The video has been published by Breitbart (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/09/12/leaked-video-google-leaderships-dismayed-reaction-to-trump-election/).

I’m sorry, but this is, like, a galaxy far, far away. Hillary Clinton is a crook. These oafs wanted her to be president. They worked for her to be president, all the while posing as simple purveyors of information without a partisan bone in their bodies: Google has “no political bias.” Good lord, someone actually had the brass to say that. I just can’t put myself into that mind-set.

The Google capos vowed to “save the world from catastrophic nationalism.” God save us from world savers. But, see, they’re all citizens of the world, nations are so blah, gotta have a global government–uh, with us running it, see, because we’re the smartest… Oh, please. Besides, they’ve got an ace up their sleeves–Artificial Intelligence! “Our hope is in Artificial Intelligence which made the heavens and the earth, after we made Artificial Intelligence… so gee, I guess we sorta made the heavens and the earth!”

The prosperity of fools will destroy them (Proverbs 1:32). And if it doesn’t, their pride and orgulity will.

Moon Landing Movie: Stealing History

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Actors are such drips. But they only parrot what they hear from others. In fact, that’s their job–speaking lines written by others.

The First Man, Universal Pictures’ dramatization of the 1969 moon landing (slated for release October 12)… leaves out the historical fact–and arguably the centerpiece of the drama–of astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planting the American flag on the surface of the moon (http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/08/31/first-man-leaves-out-american-flag-in-moon-landing-scene-ryan-gosling-defends-decision.html).


Because, says the Canadian actor who plays Armstrong in the movie, the moon landing “transcended countries and borders.” He said this at the Venice Film Festival, where the movie was trotted out for a foreign audience.

Goldarn countries and borders! When are we gonna get rid of them and have a nice, cozy, global government?

So who put the first man on the moon? Italy? Saudi Arabia? Peru?

The answer is “the United States of America,” with American technology and know-how, paid for by the American people with their taxes. It was not a “We Are the World” moment. It was an American moment. We did it. That the rest of the world benefited by it, and might have even rejoiced in it, is beside the point. We did it, world: not you. And to this day no other country has matched this achievement.

We didn’t claim the moon as U.S. territory; but Congress declared “this was a United States project.” As if that even needed to be said in 1969.

But it does need to be said now, in 2018, as the international community seeks to hijack one of America’s signature achievements.

I saw our flag planted on the moon, on live TV. So did millions of other people. And we remember, in spite of the Open Borders crowd trying to infect us with amnesia.

And they can take their unhistorical movie and stick it.

Where That Stupid Idea Came From

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The principal at the Atlanta school who wanted to dump the Pledge of Allegiance, and replace it with some kind of “oath to the global society,” didn’t dream it up all by herself. Like most of our public… “educators,” she’s fully up to speed on assorted globalist projects aimed at creating a utopia with themselves in charge.

Like, for instance, “the Oath Project” (https://www.theoathproject.org/). This document is hard to read because it’s so full of B.S., but you may want to give it a try.

They say they’re trying to create “a unified hub for all of the efforts related to the mission of professionalizing management [of everything!–ed.]… a network of networks… supported by a number of leading organizations in both the academic and professional space.” Like the World Economic Forum, the UN Global Compact, and a host of others–the whole Davos crowd of utopian globalists.

And there is “the MBA Oath,” a “voluntary pledge” “started by a group of Harvard students.” Do you find that reassuring?

Yessireebob! Once they set up a global government, with themselves managing every aspect of human life and the rest of us turned into “global citizens,” it’s all gonna be just hunky-dory. You have their word on it. Now you see what we get when we throw humility out the window.

“Ye shall be as gods,” said Satan. And the Left has bought it, lock, stock, and barrel.

And we’ve got it in our stupid public schools that we pay for.

Woodrow Wilson’s Favorite Novel

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My grandpa loathed Woodrow Wilson. He had good reason to.

We can learn a lot about what made President Wilson tick by examining his favorite novel, the 1911 literary gem by Edward M. House, Philip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935. In fact, he liked House so much, he made him his top advisor on foreign affairs.

So what’s this colon-rich masterpiece about? It’s about this guy who stages an armed coup and makes himself dictator of the United States–for the country’s own good, of course. Rescues it from the bad guys. And then applies Science, glorious Science, to “cure bad thoughts” and make it, like, impossible for people to be bad anymore. Science, applied by Really Smart leaders with absolute power over our lives, is our salvation. Later on he conquers Mexico and rewrites their Constitution, too. And once they see how great it all turns out, everybody’s really happy.

Now do you see why I call leftid ideology stale, archaic, old hat, trite, cliche-ridden, done to death, moldy, obsolete, and antiquated? Wilson is one of those few old-time Democrats who’d fit right in today. In fact, he’d be indistinguishable from a modern-day globalist leftid. And we can’t say much for his taste in literature, either.

We can’t we get rid of these hoary, cobwebby old statist platitudes?

Because leftism is fruit produced by Original Sin. Only Jesus Christ can root it out.

And someday He will.

What We’ve Won

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It was significant that the very first act of Donald Trump’s new presidential administration, literally within seconds of his swearing-in, was to delete from the White House website every single mention of Climate Change/Global Warming/Whatevuh.

What does this mean?

It may take some time to sink in, but it means a lot! It is the axe taken to the root of secular utopianism. It is the tanks rolling into town and chasing out the barbarians.

Global Warming, aka we’re-all-gonna-die-unless-we-give-the-government-absolute-power-and-all-our-money, very early on became a Leftist/Globalist political project worldwide. It was aimed at eventually imposing a world government, run by leftist schmucks, on the entire human race. Just look at who’s been pushing it, all along, and you’ll know everything you need to know about it.

But it is also part of something bigger. Saving The Planet From Climate Change is genetically akin to the transgender movement and other loony liberal causes: the whole idea of special individuals having the power–and the authority, backed up by the violence of the government–to define reality. Suddenly Schmendrick is not a man anymore, but a woman without a vagina. And if you don’t give lip service to his delusion, your friendly “human rights” commission will smash you.

God has given us an opportunity, a genuinely God-given opportunity, to crush and bury “progressivism” once and for all. They can’t carry out their vast global enterprises without the United States. And now, by God’s grace, there is suddenly a president in America whose example will encourage opposition everywhere.

Shame on us if we wimp out of finishing the work!

A Message from Sauron

That’s one of my Orcs in the background.

Hi! I’m the Dark Lord from those Lord of the Rings movies. Betcha didn’t know I’m real! But of course, here in the real world, I go by another name that only sounds like “Sauron.”

Anyway, I’m here today to tellya that national borders are, like, so totally obsolete, we just don’t need ’em anymore. And look around the world–those borders just don’t work. Go ahead, show me where they’re working. ( http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-30/orban-accuses-soros-of-stoking-refugee-wave-to-weaken-europe )

What’s that I hear you sayin’? That me and my friends, we sabotaged the borders, we stirred people up to invade neighboring countries, we created this whole illegal immigration/refugee crisis–just so we could say, “Oops, dude, too bad, this whole nation thing doesn’t work anymore, the only thing is global government”? Would we do that to you?

You say we shouldn’t be rewarded by being given what we want, after we did everything we could think of to gut immigration laws and create a jillion refugees. But I say this–if you stupid peasants know what’s good for you, you’ll let us rule you. We’ve got the money, we’ve got the science, we’ve got the power… and you don’t.

Remember, it’s not nice–and it sure ain’t healthy!–to mess around with Sauron.

Only in the movies–oh, yeah, and in that Bible of yours: but the Bible simply isn’t true–do the good guys beat me.

And this is not a movie.

The Baddest Hurricane Ever

So what were they saying yesterday? Remember? “Worst storm in history! Winds at 200 mph! Doom, doom, doom!” And, oh yeah, this–“There must be a Global Climate Treaty before it’s too late!”

What a difference a day makes.

As of this morning, Supercolossal Storm Patricia was downgraded to ordinary bad weather, no big deal, all storm warnings canceled ( http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPEP5+shtml/230238.shtml ).

Is it at all possible that the Climate Gang were trying to stampede the public into belief in Global Warming and the imminent extinction of the human race unless we give our leaders fantastic new powers and pay a whopping great carbon tax?

As it is, God’s judgment is coming down on us and we don’t even see it, although it’s all right in front of our eyes. National borders ruptured, crime and chaos as Muslim hordes pour into the West. Marriage redefined, Christians thrown in jail or stripped of their livelihood for refusing to take part in a “gay wedding.” Planned Parenthood caught red-handed selling baby parts, “harvested” with the baby still alive, and Congress able to do nothing but wring its hands and babble about “women’s health.”

One of these days, maybe, there really will be a superstorm and no one will pay attention to the warnings because they’ll think it’s all just hype and scare-mongering like it’s been so many times before.

Oh, how badly do they want their global government, with themselves in charge! What won’t they do to get it! “People, people, you gotta trust us! You gotta let us Save the Planet! Give us all the power, give us all your money…”

Even if we wanted to, how could we give government the power to stop hurricanes? Not to mention earthquakes, droughts, fire and floods.

It is God whose hand forms the hurricane and turns it loose. No matter what we let Gore and Obama and Kerry and the rest of them do to us, no matter how many of our freedoms they devour, no matter how much of our wealth they confiscate, they can’t protect us from God’s judgment.

So this superstorm fizzled out. Global Warming itself fizzled out years ago. The Bad Guys bitterly cling to it as their great white hope of achieving total domination of their fellow human beings.

But the worst problem is that we don’t know God’s judgment when we see it. That’s the part that scares me.

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