‘Davos Wing-Ding Under Way’ (2017)

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Ah, the World Economic Forum! A time for globalist golems to get together and plot against our freedom.

Davos Wing-ding Under Way

This one, of course, was pre-COVID. They hadn’t yet realized they could actually lock down the whole world’s economy–just as if the whole place were s giant prison!

They want global government so bad, they can taste it. With themselves in charge, of course. Always with themselves at the tippy-top of the pyramid.

Let’s pray that this is the year the whole woke booshwa collides with oblivion.

Another Warning from RFK Jr.

Here are some words to be taken very seriously–from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“No one has ever complied their way out of totalitarianism… This is the hill we need to die on” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/no-one-ever-complied-way-totalitarianism-hill-need-die-robert-f-kennedy-jr-calls-action-new-year/#insticator-commenting).

The more you comply, the more they demand you comply with.

The more power is given to the government, the less power is ever given back.

Do you think he’s wrong? Do you think that governments, Big Science, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Crime are not trying to use COVID panic to saddle us with a global government with themselves wrapped around our our necks like the Old Man of the Sea? You thought The Man Who Came to Dinner was hard to get rid of? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

So You Want A ‘Universal World Order’?

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This is Henry Kissinger’s dream (98 years old and still dreamin’)–“a universal world order.”

We have never had a universal world order, or a global government. But we’ve had plenty of the next worse thing–multinational empires, whose builders swallowed up as much of the world as they could. Romans, Assyrians, Mongols, Russians–scads of them.

They all had one thing in common: they ruled by brute force. The ruling nation governed all the subject peoples; and anyone who stepped out of line would soon be hearing from the legions. Violence was the only way to keep all these subject nations on the same page. Genghis Khan could tell you that.

For anyone to assert that now, today, a global government could rule by consent of the governed, instead of by knocking heads together, is delusional.

God defend us from this folly.

Are We Listening to… Henry Kissinger?

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I have no idea why, but my computer has absolutely refused to let me post a picture of Henry Kissinger. Artificial Intelligence at work! Oh, well, a snake’ll do…

It seemed like such a good idea at the time! Counter the ominous power of the Soviet Union by making friends with China–Red China, with Chairman Mao in charge. This was the almost shocking new policy cooked up by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and put into play by President Richard Nixon’s visit to China… in 1972. Many of you reading this hadn’t been born yet, so you can’t really imagine the jolt this gave the rest of us.

Now China is kicking sand in Uncle Sam’s face and most of the communists who fight against us are members of the Democrat Party here at home. And Kissinger is still around! Almost 100 years old, and still talking.

In 2019 he predicted “Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally alter human consciousness,” although he didn’t specify how that might be done. He seemed worried it’d be something like The Terminator movies. You know: we lose control, and the machines start a nuclear war, and most of us die.

In 2020 he and his buddies at the Council on Foreign Relations discussed the new “global international system” and how it would be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: “The pandemic is imposing on us a universal world order,” he said. Which was to say, his fondest dream was coming true. Always a big world order fan. I’ll have more to say about that in a little while.

So Henry the K is still around–still brewing mischief, some might say (they haven’t forgiven him for Nixon’s piece of the Vietnam War).

We really must put more effort into defeating his ideas.

The only world government we recognize, the only one we will support, is the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ

COVID… Forever?

The Psychology Behind Coronavirus Panic Buying | INSEAD Knowledge

Somewhere along the way, this whole COVID business stopped being about “Science”–if indeed it ever was about that.

Now the Narrative (nooze-speak for “thumping great lie”) seems to be shifting from “Omigod we’re all gonna die!” to “It’s those unvaccinated enemies of the People–we’re gonna die because of them!” Hear the teeth gnashing in the background.

The disease kills less than 1% of those who get it. For that we turn whole national economies upside-down? For that we scrap our family holidays? For that we hand over unprecedented powers to bunches of bureaucrats and scheming, slimy politicians? For that we set up… camps? (Yes, Australia has done that. COVID stalags. You could look it up.)

Oh, boy. Call out the troops! Back to vote-by-mail! Lockdown, lockdown! “The Omicron Variant is sweeping across the world….” [dissolve into hysterical screaming]. And we’ve still got about half the Greek alphabet to go!

It’s very difficult to resist seeing this as part of a satanic drive to a totalitarian global government run by mentally ill persons and based on a foundation of COVID panic, phony Climate Change, transgender, and Critical Race Theory. Those are the four corners of the prison that they’re building for us.

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

What the Dickens–?

The UN Just Put up a Giant Statue in New York That Resembles a 'Beast' Described in the Book of Revelation

(Thanks to Unknowable for the nooze tip.)

If you don’t already know, you’ll never guess what this is.

[Hand goes up in the studio audience. “Ooh-ooh! I know, I know!”]

Yup, you got it: a statue called The Guardian of International Peace and Security. (Damn. Shoulda guessed that.) It’s set up right outside United Nations headquarters in New York City.

Is this one of those things that’s actually worse than what it’s supposed to guard against? Some people think it looks like the Beast in Revelation. Or something from a Japanese monster movie. Rodan vs. The Thing from Yushi Mountain.

Let’s see… hmm… We’ve got all those rich-as-Croesus globalist honchos wanting to set up a global government that devours whole nations at a gulp, with themselves in charge of it, like, forever. I guess a horrible monster could symbolize that. Maybe there ought to be monsters set up all around the UN.

They used to install gargoyles to keep spiritual wickedness out of the cathedrals. We need gargoyles around the UN to keep it in.

‘How to Wreck What’s Left Of Our Civilization’ (2018)

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Holy cow, what could be easier?

Just erase the countries’ borders! You’ll have Gehenna in no time!

How to Wreck What’s Left of Our Civilization

Of course, if we’re gonna have no countries, then we’ve gotta have [trumpet fanfare]… world government! Won’t that be great?

Waddaya mean, it can’t work? You must be a biggit hater racist! Why, The Smartest People In The World want global government–and they’ve even volunteered to be in charge of it!

That kind of selflessness deserves an appropriate reward.

Looks Bad, Smells Bad… Is Bad

Guy Fawkes And The Gunpowder Plotters Wood Print by Print Collector

I hate conspiracy theories. Criminal masterminds hatch a secret plot and next thing you know, Joe Blow on the internet knows all about it! I’d really rather not hear it.

But all this COVID stuff–I’m sorry, but it’s looking less and less like a medical crisis and more and more like a dress rehearsal for a global government. All those mandates! A “mandate” is not a law, voted on by our elected representatives: it is a command handed down from on high. You will not find “mandate” in our Constitution.

This business looks bad and smells bad. It’s like they’re thinking, “If we can temporarily take away a lot of their freedom, maybe we can get away with giving only some of it back! And if we can keep the pandemic going long enough, maybe they’ll get used to being cattle-prodded by the government. Maybe they’ll even get to like it!”

I’m not privy to any conversations among the global government crowd. I don’t have any secret sources. I’m just telling you what it looks like to me.

History tells me freedom is fragile, there’s always, always, always someone out there who wants to take it away from us–usually so they can take everything else, too. The COVID panic was a gift-wrapped golden opportunity for the enemies of liberty.  They weren’t about to waste it.

Medicine does not insist on exactly the same treatment for each and every one of tens of thousands of patients. Medicine does not threaten people’s livelihoods if they don’t obey. Medicine does not make end-runs around the normal processes of self-government.

When I see the behavior of our COVID establishment, I don’t see medicine. I see politics.

‘UN Calls for “Unprecedented Societal Change”‘ (2018)

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Citizens of the world, one and all!

The corrupt dictators’ club that is the United Nations, a couple of years ago, highlighted The Supreme Struggle Against Climbit Chainge by suggested that part of it would have to take the form of Unprecedented Societal Change. They never explained exactly what they had in mind, so it was left up to satirists to speculate.

UN Calls For ‘Unprecedented Societal Change’

There are ideas as bad as world government–that whole transgender thing, for one–but there are certainly no ideas that are worse. The would-be masters of the world want global government so bad, they can taste it. Climbite Chainge couldn’t quite do it for them, but now they’ve got King COVID working for them.

O Lord of hosts, smite them…

‘The Second Tower of Babel’ (2017)

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If you ever thought you could study archaeology without being nagged about a lot of Far Left twaddle, you thought wrong. Nowadays archaeology is all about Saving The Planet and reining in White Supremacy. (Barf bag, please.)

The Second Tower of Babel

In fact, you can’t study anything today without having PC palaver rammed down your throat. And it’s all gibberish, they make it up as they go along. (Done any othering lately? How ’bout that intersectionality? Blah! Blah!)

The original Tower of Babel judgment, in which God confounded human language, was a sovereign act of grace and mercy that protected us from world government.

Today humanists confound the language in an effort to set up world government–with themselves in charge of it, of course.

May Jesus Christ deliver us.