My Newswithviews Column, July 14 (‘Big Government, Small Liberty’)

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Too late to flee! The monster’s loose

Yes, this column started out life as a blog post right here. I took my wife’s advice and expanded it.

Because the whole world’s being pushed under the steam-roller of tyranny!

Big Government, Small Liberty

In many cases, our ruling class has actually succeeded in making government evil. It wages war on prosperity, disrupts the civic order, and does everything it can to damage the general welfare. You know–like Democrats have been doing to our country  for the past year and a half. They have enjoyed every minute of it.

Read the freakin’ nooze. Do you ever get the feeling you somehow wandered into a Peter Sellers movie and can’t find the way out? (Shooting farmers for growing too much food! Trying to convince little children to “transition”! God help us.)

Masters of Dystopia–that’s who they are.

This really has to stop.

A Dirty Trick That Failed

Joe Biden: China's Puppet - YouTube

Did China tell him to do it? We’ll never know.

Y’know those “13 amendments” that SloJo’s gang wanted to make to international law, that would have practically erased our country’s sovereignty?

Well, thank God, it seems they’re off the table… at least for the time being ( Twelve of the 13 have been “taken off the table.”

I’ve devoted a lot of thought to this, and I think I’ve got it figured out. (I can’t help it, it’s the political scientist in me.)

Knowing that this year’s midterm elections are likely to be a catastrophe for the Democrat Party, resulting in Republican control of both the Senate and the House… The Regime decided to run to Davos with these “amendments”… to get them written into “law” (LOL) before the Democrats are ousted from power. It was nothing less than a dirty trick they tried–yes, they tried–to play on America.

The “amendments” would have had the overall effect of giving those globalist geeks at the World Health Organization the power to shut down any country’s economy–more specifically, America’s economy–anytime the head crook sees “a health emergency.” It wouldn’t matter if anyone else could see it or not.

“Ooh-ooh! Why, it’s time for another health emergency lockdown! And just before the midterm elections, too! Good thing we’ve got vote-by-mail and drop boxes and unlimited absentee voting already good to go!” Fast forward to morning after Election Day. “Well, fan my brow! Democrats have swept the midterms! Jeepers, who expected that? Ain’t Dimmocracy grand!”

How stupid do they think we are, to fall for this?

Why did the amendments fail? Who voted to scrap them? For how long are they going to stay scrapped?

We don’t know the answers to those questions because WHO dunnit secretly. No press, no leaks. Rumor has it that Brazil and Russia strongly objected to the loss of their national sovereignty. Maybe a lot of other countries did, too. All we can be sure of is that the Biden gang sure as hell didn’t object to wiping out America’s sovereignty. After all, it was their idea to wipe it out.

And they hustled to get it done before the midterms. Haste makes waste, sunshine.

We need to annihilate the Democrats, hopefully forever, in this year’s elections. Meanwhile we need to keep a close watch on them and Red China and their little puppets in WHO in case they try again when they think we’re not looking.

Globalism must die. That’s all there is to it.

An Extra Newswithviews Column, May 25 (‘Where’s the Peacemaker?’)

Theodore Roosevelt – Photo gallery -

Due to some confusion on my part, I have an extra Newswithviews column this week: they want me to write another one for tomorrow, my usual publication day. Ah, well, it’s nice to be wanted.

Here we ask again: who can broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine? Boy howdy, who could that be?

Where’s the Peacemaker?

We might also ask, do the world’s big shots even want peace? Their great goal is not peace. Their dream is global government, owned and operated by themselves at our expense. Do they mind chaos and destruction? Not if it brings them closer to that global government. Like their mentor Stalin said, gotta break eggs to make an omelet.

We need Donald Trump back in office.

Sparkling Gems of Idiocy (from the World Health Organization)

I drew the beast of Revelation 13 (the one acquainted with the 666 and the  Mark of the Beast) on Adobe Photoshop. What are your thoughts on this  prophetic image? : r/Christianity

Global government–it’s in the Book of Revelation

Do we want to sign over America’s sovereignty to a gaggle of lunatics?

These days the World Health Organization, which may or may not be an appendage of the Chinese Communist Party, is spearheading the drive toward global government. Gotta be safe!

Dig some of these quotes from the preamble to WHO’s constitution.

*Health is a state of complete (what?) physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity…”

Stop right there. Have you ever known anyone to whom the above description would apply? Has anybody got complete well-being?

*”Unequal development” of the world’s 200 or so nations is “a common danger.” Gee. Somehow the world’s nations are not all alike. Maybe we really do need a world government, huh? I mean, just to make ’em all alike.

*”Governments have the responsibility for the health of their peoples…” Perish the thought that your yourself, or your family, are responsible for your health. When are we gonna learn that the answer is always government?

These people are insane. Do they think they can give us “complete physical, mental and social well-being”? And what is “social well-being,” by the way? Dare we ask?

Some nations have more resources than others. But it doesn’t always come down to that. Why is Costa Rica so much more stable and prosperous than its neighbors? Could it be because they don’t waste their time and energy on revolving-door dictators, endless revolutions, firing squads, etc.? Do the wackos at WHO know how to turn every country in Central America into a clone of Costa Rica? Bad government is the chief cause of world poverty. When incompetence teams up with corruption, the people haven’t got a chance.

Could we please back off from the World Health Organization? Could we please stop paying the United Nations’ expenses?

The only world government that has any right to rule is that of Jesus Christ the King of kings.

Certainly not the UN, the European Union, or any other shabby excuse for government that this fallen world can offer.

Are They Doing It On Purpose?

Photos of Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream

Look around you, look at the nooze. It’s very hard to believe such things are done through mere incompetence. Cutting off the Keystone Pipeline, to cite just one of a multitude of examples, was an act of pure insanity.

More and more I’m coming to believe that the state of our country and the world is due to purposeful actions by our global ruling class. They’re doing it on purpose.

Why? I think because they wish to present a “narrative”–euphemism for “lie”–that nation-states are no longer capable of maintaining civilization and we need to scrap them all and set up a global government, owned and operated by the world’s elites. They will argue that current events prove we’re incapable of governing ourselves and we need them to manage The Planet. For our own good.

I don’t like conspiracy theories; but these things are done before our very eyes–how can we not see it? How else can we explain the Biden presidency?

Those of us who still pray had better pray much harder.

‘Pope Slams “Evil Populism”‘ (2017)

3,190 Pope Francis Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

There have been bad popes before. Francis I, the Red Pope, is among them.

Now, why would a pope go to the trouble of publicly slamming populism as “evil”? Like it was the only evil thing he could think of, offhand?

Pope Slams ‘Evil Populism’

Well, he wants a global government–and a global church, with himself and his pals at the top of the pyramid. Anything that gets in their way is… “evil.”

The only person with the right to rule the world is Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Globalists are nothing but usurpers.

Note: Half my family is Catholic, so I do know that there have been good popes and even saintly ones. This guy Francis isn’t one of them.

‘Canadian Government Website Tries to Freak Out Children’ (2017)

Sir Winston Churchill - Curtis Brown

In the midst of World War II, Winston Churchill said he dreaded the war lasting too long, lest the government grow addicted to “emergency measures” that let them do anything they want.

Sound familiar?

Canadian Government Website Tries to Freak Out Children

Terrifying little children with Climbit Chains fairy tales is the least of their offenses.

You’ll find a rather lively discussion attached to this post. Once again we find leftids and global government wackos scarfing up our freedoms, not letting a good crisis go to waste, eating our republic and spitting out dictatorship.

They need to be stopped.

‘Binding the Sheaves of Idiocy’ (2015)

The Three Stooges were funny; the World Economic Forum isn’t.

When you take a good hard look at what the Far Left is selling, you have to wonder, “Are they freakin’ crazy?”

Binding the Sheaves of Idiocy

They tie it all together. Climate Change, transgender “rights”, Income Inequality, systemic racism, yatta-yatta blah-blah-blah.

And now they’ve got King COVID. So close to global government, they can taste it! Like, if they can’t manage it now, they’ll never get a better chance.

But if we can defeat them now, with God’s help, we may get a breathing space.

‘They Shall Be as Gods’ (2019)

See the source image

I wrote this before any of us ever heard of COVID-19. In fact, the big scare at the time was… measles.

They Shall Be as Gods

Curing diseases is a good thing. God gave us brains for that. But setting up the humanist state as an idol, that’s not a good thing. In fact it was the dirtiest trick the 20th century ever played on the human race, and we’re still living with it today.

Yowsah, yowsah! Just give us absolute power over everyone and everything, and nobody will ever get sick!

Do you think they might’ve been deliriously happy when COVID came along?

What? We Don’t Trust the Elites?

World Economic Forum: 50 years in 50 seconds - CNN Video

Have they any idea how funny they would be, if they couldn’t hurt us?

Yes, the World Economic Forum is cranking away, up there in the Alps, enjoying its “Great Narrative Conference” (We could have a contest to guess what that is).

Big shots expressed delight that the global elites are cozier with each other than ever before. That’s the good news ( The bad news is that “in every single country” they checked, regular people do not trust them. Not a bit.

Ingrates. They don’t even trust Dr. Fauci, who took the floor to vilify his critics.

Archbishop Vigano says God will protect and help those who resist the New World Order. He has not been invited to address the Forum.

Gosh. Why don’t we trust a bunch of rich fat cats to rule the world? If we were even half as crazy as they think we are, we’d trust ’em.

Check out the Laura Ingraham video embedded in the GP article: Dinesh D’Souza on what it’s like to be on the ski slopes with nimrods who think they ought to rule the world.