WHO Loves ‘Pride’ Parades

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Absolutely no freakin’ way I’m gonna post a picture of a “pride” parade. Here’s a nice baby iguana instead.

The World Health Organization has its priorities.

Faced with outbreaks of the dreaded “monkeypox” which no one ever heard of until a couple of weeks ago (when Democrats needed a new pandemic), WHO authorities say it’s “important” that Gay Pride parades go on, despite the threat of monkeypox (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/world-health-organization-says-important-pride-celebrations-not-change-monkeypox-concerns/).

Gee, just in time for the midterm elections. How about that?

Whatever the case, the Pride parades must go on as scheduled! Because that’s what’s “important.”

A global government would take away all our liberties except the “right” to fornicate. And kill any babies that might be in the picture.

And now we know that the Biden gang wants to sign over America’s sovereignty to the WHO–so they can shut down our economy whenever they please.

It’s going to take extraordinary efforts–and God’s blessing!–to preserve our republic.

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  1. Only God can save us now. Mankind has just proven he/she does not have the ability to govern.

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