Idiot Tries to Vandalize ‘Mona Lisa’

Man Tries To Vandalise The Mona Lisa

A ninny disguised as a woman in a wheel chair tried to destroy Leonardo’s classic painting, Mona Lisa, at the Louvre Museum recently ( The vandal is described in nooze reports as a “climate change activist.” Honk if you think “activists” make the world a better place.

First he tried to smash the bullet-proof glass that protects the painting. When that didn’t work, he smeared cake all over it. Neither of his efforts succeeded in harming the masterpiece.

He also yelled, “Think of the planet! Think of the planet!” Somehow trashing the painting would be beneficial to The Planet. That’s activist thinking for you.

And then we’ve got the noozies comparing this assault on one of humanity’s great artistic triumphs to some “Trump supporter” (Ooooh! Boo! Hiss!) scribbling a line on a sloppy “mural” somewhere, looks like a couple of four-year-olds painted it. Libs think it’s somehow equal to the Mona Lisa.

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  1. Thankfully, I don’t have to “think of the planet” since Almighty God has that.

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