Your Daily Public Schooling Outrage

Three-card monte scam artists return to midtown

You get a more honest deal at a 3-card monte table.

Let’s see, what’ve we got today? Ah, here it is. Another public schooling outrage. Somehow we never seem to run out of these.

A couple of Chicago high schools have decided to implement a “race-based grading system” which will “account for skin color or ethnicity of its students” ( ‘Cause of racism.

Have they thought this through? Black high school grad applies for a job, says he kept up a B+ average in school… and employer thinks, “Was that a real B+ or just a black B+?” Because he knows a black student’s B+ is really only tantamount to a C-.

At the same time, the schools propose giving black students a free pass on missing or cutting class, misbehavior in school (whatever that means), and failing to hand in assignments.

Because “traditional grading practices perpetuate inequities.”

So much better to have practices that perpetuate iniquities.

The plan is called “Transformative Education Professional Development and Grading.”

What a lot of crap.

This is what public school “officials” do with your tax dollars. Sort of like stealing your money so they can buy drugs.

6 comments on “Your Daily Public Schooling Outrage

  1. Outrageous. This is the most obvious racism from those who are always screaming “racist! you need to be cut off”

  2. By lowering the bar, they are actually perpetuating problems. The idea of the Civil Rights legislation was to prevent discrimination based on race, but if people are given diplomas that are based on a different grading standard this will not toward that end.

  3. And if you point out that assuming black students to be incapable of meeting high standards is racism of the worst kind, they’ll call YOU racist.

  4. They are insane! So insane…just nuts…stupid…I have no other words to use for this, I am at a loss…

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