‘Test Your College Grads’ (2018)

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If you can corner ’em before they rush out to demonstrate the inhumanity of not doing abortions, you might want to try this little true-false quiz on today’s college graduates to see how much they know.

Test Your College Grads

Administering the test can be tricky. Remember, we’re testing for “education,” not knowledge. So the more answers you have wrong, the more highly “educated” you obviously are.

Today’s School Outrage (Yeah, Another One)

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Your school tax dollars at work!

This actually happened last year, but we’re only finding out about it now.

Last year, for grades pre-K through 3 (!) at the Janney Elementary School in Washington, D.C.,”teachers” exposed children to a “presentation” called the “Anti-Racism Fight Club Fistbook” (https://www.theblaze.com/news/anti-racism-elementary-school-dc).

Laced with violent language (“throat punching,” “curbstomping,” etc.) almost to the point of it being a satire of itself–you have no idea how I wish this really were a satire–the “Fistbook” section asks children if they have any family members with “racist beliefs.” We are not told what they expect the kiddies to do if the answer is yes. Rat them out to the Justice Dept.?

And of course the entire curriculum is heavy salted with the usual we-hate-white-people rhetoric.

This is public schooling. This is what your school tax dollars pay for.

But wait, there’s more!

According to the school’s website (https://www.myschooldc.org/schools/profile/48), 72% of the student body is “non-Hispanic white.” So 72% of the kiddies are automatically bad guys until they can somehow prove otherwise?

God help us. What sort of creatures do they have creeping out of the teachers’ colleges these days?

And what kind of parents knowingly allow their children to be “taught” by these creatures?

‘Teacher’ Won’t Explain Why She Made Boy Wear Dress

[Thanks to “OhioChessFan” for the nooze tip]

When I was in elementary school, it was not unusual for a “teacher” to humiliate a child in front of the class. It was a form of punishment. I don’t know if that’s what was going on here. No explanation is offered by the “teacher.”

In the background we can see a cross on the wall, indicating that this may be someone’s idea of a religious school. We are sorry to say that some of our supposedly Christian schools seem to be tainted with the same stupid wickedness that has consumed our public schools. (If it is a religious school, though, the teachers might not be unionized and it just might be possible to fire one. Worth a try, at least!)

Anyway, here’s a grandfather demanding to know why his grandson’s “teacher” made the boy wear a dress in class, two days in a row. And he can’t get an answer! “You have to talk to my director.” “I can’t talk to you, you’re not on the [unintelligible].”  She is unhappy that the frustrated man has raised his voice: she warns him not to do that “in front of my children.”

Whoa! Lady, these are not your children–and we would all like to know why you made a boy wear a dress. Is that something you learned in teachers’ college? And who gave you the right to stonewall the child’s grandfather? Does this have something to do with “fundamental transforming” of America? Maybe your fundament needs some transforming.

It’s getting so the only place where your children are safe is the family home–and that’s the best classroom, too.



SloJo to Teachers: Kids Are ‘Yours’

Should Joe Biden Even Bother Talking To Fox News?

Whose children, Joe?

What do you say when a word like this comes out of a wooden head like SloJo Biden’s as if it were an oracle? Addressing a “teachers of the year” event, weird old Joe came out with this:

“They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/04/biden-teachers-not-somebody-elses-children-classroom-video/).

“They’re yours.” The horror, the horror… As one public school teacher in Michigan put it recently, before he wound up on “administrative leave,” “F*** the parents. I’m your parents now.”

See, that’s what they really think, these wackos who come swarming out of the teachers’ colleges. They think they have a right to groom your children for sex. And they devote a great deal of time and energy to that. More and more sane and decent people leave the teaching profession, to be replaced by the mutants you could see on “Libs of TikTok,” bragging about all the sex-talk they unload on the children in their classrooms.

This has the full blessing and support of the Democrat Party. The party is in an incestuous relationship with the teachers’ unions. Really, it’s disgusting.

“They’re yours.” That says it all. Parents, these people despise you, hate you, want to undermine your families and tear down your country. (Yeahbut, yeahbut! What about those 81 million phantoms who voted for Joe? Isn’t it mostly their country?)

The battle lines are drawn. Either we win, and save our republic, or they win and we lose everything.

And first we lose our children.

Crooked Principal ‘Punished’: He’ll Get $1.8 Million

PRINCIPAL Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir on the RIGHT HOLDING #1 FINGER UP.

“Public education been very, very good to me!”

Are you ready for another public schooling outrage? Well, ready or not, here it comes!

A high school principal in Queens, NY, who achieved a 99% graduation rate by setting up fake classes with no one in them, giving students fake grades, encouraging teachers–and students–to cheat… letting failing and problem students graduate early with meaningless diplomas, just to get them out of there…

Has been shifted to a desk job where he will continue to collect his $187,043 salary for seven years, plus benefits (another $78,558), raises negotiated by the teachers’ union, vacation time, the whole package totalling some $1.8 million (https://nypost.com/2022/04/16/queens-principal-booted-for-fraud-will-get-paid-for-7-years/)–

Whoa! Does this sound like any kind of “punishment” to you?

Oh. And they’re also investigating a cheating scheme by several teachers at that school.

I was going to say this walking lump of sleaze has robbed children of their education; but that’s assuming they actually got an education at this school. But fraud is fraud, cheating is cheating–and boy howdy, does crime ever pay! If you’re in the education business, at least.

Do you have a nice, juicy pension to look forward to? What–you don’t? You probably aren’t an “educator.”

A Story Too Filthy to Post

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This blog is part of the Chalcedon Foundation’s ministry. Among other things, I have a calling to warn readers of the abuses routinely practiced against children and communities by the public school establishment.

Yesterday I encountered a story which I judged too filthy to post here. Suffice it to say that a public school “teacher” has confessed a crime perpetrated against the children in his charge. He has been arrested, and hopefully he will be given prison time and registered, for the rest of his life, as a sex offender.

This man went through teachers’ college, was given a license, and hired by his local school board to teach at an elementary school. How he was ever deemed fit to teach anywhere is a mystery.

This has to stop. And the only way to stop it is for sane parents to remove their children from the public schools. Nothing else will work.

Noozies Object to Parents’ Objections

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Do they really think we can’t see through this anymore?

Of course they do. They’re leftids, they only talk with other leftids, they live in a bubble, safe from contact with regular people.

So the Free Lance-Star, a noozepaper out of Fredericksburg, VA, has a recent editorial, “Parents need to learn to let go” (https://fredericksburg.com/opinion/editorial/editorial-parents-need-to-learn-to-let-go/article_9b2022da-e63c-5d5a-9d34-9b7593208eaa.html#tracking-source=home-top-story). It’s sort of a retelling of the Terry McAwful Doctrine: “Parents, shut up and let the teachers teach! You have no say in it!”

McAwful lost his bid to be elected governor, and Gov. Youngkin has kept himself busy signing new laws to protect schoolchildren from the twisted schemes of Far Left teachers’ unions. One of those laws requires notification to parents whenever a school lesson plan will delve into “sexually explicit content.”

They’re cryin’ bloody murder over that! They denounce what they call a “parental obsession with sex in books.” Sex in books, they say, is “the best our civilization has to offer.” Can you imagine that being true? Yowsah, yowsah! Bring on those award-winning books about teenage boys being sodomized by older men!

Like we don’t know where you’re coming from? Like we don’t know why mixing kids and sex is such a thing for you? You really don’t think parents should be “allowed”–yes, they said “allowed”–to object to Teacher’s lesson plans?

You clever ol’ groomers, you.

Our only objection here is that too many parents aren’t doing the one thing that’ll matter: pulling their kids out of public school. That’s the only way to protect them from those Far Left wackos in the teachers’ unions.

Yes, we see through you now. We know you want to prepare children to be sexually active at as early an age as possible. We don’t really care why you want this, although we’re pretty sure we know. We just want your dirty hands off our children. We don’t want you sniffing around our homes. In fact, we don’t want you at all.

As for the noozies who back the unions against the parents every day of the week: we don’t want you, either. It’d be pretty easy to do without you.

Woke Mob ‘Hunts’ Conservative Student

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It’s “education”… so they say.

Bear in mind that the University of Buffalo, New York, is a state university that receives public funds–taxpayers’ money.

Recently a mob of Far Left “students,” estimated at 200 strong, chased and terrorized a conservative student who had to hide in a rest room until she was rescued by police (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10707747/Moment-woke-mob-hunts-female-student-invited-black-Republican-speak.html).

Why? Because she, as president of the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, invited former Congressman Allen West–who is black–to speak on how he personally overcame racism. This, according to the mob, was an effort to “silence black people”… by allowing a black man to speak. West had to be escorted off campus by police. The mob, meanwhile, pursued the female student.

As they chased her, the crowd shouted the usual leftist endearments: “No justice, no peace!” (I’d love to know what they mean by “justice.”) And “Get her, get her–the girl in the red dress!”

The student said she feared for her life if they caught her. That was surely a rational fear.

Would things like this still happen at UB if the university lost state funding every time they did? Or are we committed to publicly funding lynch mobs?

They probably can’t identify all the students who took part in this, so the only reasonable alternative is to dock the university’s funds until it can prove it’s not a wokie jungle.

If this is what they’re calling “higher education,” then “higher education” needs to go.

‘UK Teachers Vote: Sex Ed for 2-Year-Olds’ (2017)

Image result for images of crazy teachers

Lately the public–at least here in America–has been catching on to what the Far Left teachers’ unions are up to.

They’re using the public schools to “groom” children to become sexual playthings for older creeps.

Now we understand why the British National Union of Teachers (NUT–and I didn’t make that up) voted to apply “sex education” to two-year-olds.

UK Teachers Vote: Sex Ed for 2-Year-Olds

They say it’s to combat this tidal wave of Homo-Phobia and Trans-Phobia that’s threatening to engulf Britain. No proof, of course. It’s Hate to demand proof.

If we want to protect our children, we certainly can’t do it by sending them to public schools.

Teachers’ unions are the sexual predators’ best friend.

Libs Hate Being Called ‘Groomers’

Gender Unicorn -

Just one of many “lessons” taught in the schools by groomers

Florida now has a law prohibiting school teachers from talking sex, sex, and more sex with children in grades K-3. There is, of course, no reason why any sane person would want to do that. But leftids think it’s an evil plot to inhibit children from becoming homosexual and trannies, so they call it “the Don’t Say Gay Law” and have their knickers in a twist over it.

But why would anyone want to “teach” young children about the endless varieties of aberrant sexual behavior? “Shut up!” they explained.

Lately the term “groomers” has been catching on. More and more people use it to suggest that these “lessons” are taught to prepare children to become the sexual playthings of older perverts: “grooming” them for it. The fact that the label’s catching on suggests that the public is catching on–and doesn’t like what it sees.

So libs and teachers’ unions have been going bonkers over it, frantically objecting to that label being applied to them (https://redstate.com/bonchie/2022/04/06/liberals-freak-out-over-being-called-groomers-n546263).

Well, sunshine, you reap what you sow. If you don’t want to be called groomers, stop trying to immerse very young children in your twisted visions of sexuality. For that matter, don’t do it to older children, either.

See how long the grooming lessons last, if paying school tax ever becomes optional.