Looking for Some Excuse to Bi*ch

Wearing the Hokie Pride. | Fan wear, Soccer fans, Virginia tech

Sports fans and silly face paint–not exactly unusual!

A California middle school has suspended an 8th-grader from all school athletic events… because he showed up at a football game wearing face paint on his cheeks (https://nypost.com/2023/11/13/news/california-middle-schooler-banned-from-sports-over-black-face-but-group-says-he-was-just-wearing-eye-paint/).

“School officials” (LOL) called it “blackface” and banned the boy from attending any more school sports.

Sports fans all over the world paint their faces every color you can think of, to show support for their teams and get a second or two of air time on TV. A search for “fans wearing face paint” will provide hundreds of examples.

Gee… Do you think it’s possible that “school officials” were looking for some kind of Racial Incident to exercise their virtue signaling?

The school principal we had when I was in kindergarten was a saint, we all loved him. All the ones that came after him were slugs. The teachers weren’t so hot, either–but it was public school, you take what you can get.

Hey, one kid, he’s expendable–he’s the penny we spend to push our notion of Racial Justice.

But I can’t think of anything we can do without more than our so-called education system.

‘More College Crapola’ (2017)

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I’m almost tempted to make a contest of this: see who can trot out the best “reason,” or any reason at all, for the university campaign to make collidge stoodints hate America.

More College Crapola

Really–what is the point of that? We are obviously not the most oppressive no-good stinkin’ country in the world. Only good countries are lumbered with illegal immigration. You don’t see mobs of people trying to break into North Korea, do you?

And why in the world does anyone believe those teachings?

I have grave fears for the future of any civilization built on lies and ignorance.

‘Can You Say “Boiling-Over Hypocrisy”?’ (2019)

Standing in front of the colonnade of Columbia University's Butler Library, students hold up handwritten signs on cardboard to show support for the Palestinian cause.

But none of this “Death to you-know-who” stuff is Hate Speech, huh?

By now we have thousands of examples of this. College is where your soul goes to die. And your brain, too.

This, for instance, from the University of Illinois:

Can You Say ‘Boiling-Over Hypocrisy’?

When you unpack this drivel all you find is shin-kicking Stalinism.

And now, four years later–ta-dah! Look at those looniversities turning out to support Hamas! That’s what you bought for your education dollars, America.

We’re not kidding: no more public money for the colleges.

Victor Davis Hanson: Stop the Money

Victor Davis Hanson (@VDHanson) / X

Victor Davis Hanson

I’m posting here a column by Victor Davis Hanson (https://amgreatness.com/2023/10/23/the-sickness-of-our-universities-and-the-cure/)–“The Sickness of Our Universities–and the Cure”–because he’s now saying something that we’ve been saying here for months, if not years:

Our universities are a disgrace, a mess–and the only way to cure the disease is to stop pouring money into it.

That’s what it boils down to. *Curtail government handouts.*Tax university endowments, currently (and wrongly!) tax-exempt. *Stop federal funds. *Require students to pass the equivalent of an SAT test to graduate. *Get government out of the $1.8 trillion student loan business. *And finally, to donors: “Just say no.”

College costs a fortune nowadays, and what are we getting for our money? Not much! What we are getting is a lot of toxic foolishness that does real harm to the American people and our constitutional republic.

It’s got to stop.

Too Much… Freedom?

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Almost half, 47%, of Biden voters say that “Government should regulate or restrict the expression of views considered discriminatory or offensive,” according to a poll by the University of Virginia Center for Politics (https://rantingly.com/articles/almost-half-of-biden-voters-think-gov-should-regulate-or-restrict-speech-they-consider-offensive/).

Gee–I consider that an offensive view: profoundly offensive.

It gets worse: 35% of Trump supporters agreed.

And about a third of the respondents agree that “Americans have too much freedom”!

Can’t blame Democrats for that!

Everywhere you look, Lady Liberty’s on life support. Why aren’t those numbers closer to 0%? We had to beat the British Empire in a war to earn those freedoms! We had to fight a civil war to extend them to all Americans–and abolish slavery. How little do we value what ought to be most precious to us!

Most of the blame for this must fall on our overpriced, Left-infested, chock-full-o’-loons public “education” system. And on us, for not pulling our children out of public schools. Keep it up… and we won’t have “too much freedom” to worry about.

Oh–and since it’s impossible to hold an opinion that doesn’t offend someone, somewhere… how will the government decide whose feelings matter and whose don’t?

As if we didn’t know.

‘Bad Culture… Bad Politics?’ (2018)

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I think I’m onto something here, the old political scientist said to himself.

Does the culture shape the politics, or is it the politics that shapes the culture? Chew on that for a bit.

Bad Culture… Bad Politics?

What do we “learn” from TV, movies, gossip, celebrity-worship, and popular music? It’s not meant as a rhetorical question; but I’m afraid to answer it.

Does a sane and decent country wind up with the leaders we have now?

I don’t want to answer that one, either. Just look at this mess.

‘”Why the Good Guys Always Lose” (2013)’

Twas the Night Before Pride

“Educating” our country to death.

Gee, our public “educators” are deeply screwing things up. Guess it’s time we had a meaningful dialogue with the teachers’ unions. [Run screaming to the sidewalk.]

‘Why the Good Guys Always Lose’ (2013)

Rebecca Hagelin babbled this in 2013–and thanks to “public educators” and teachers’ unions running wild, our country’s plight has grown so much the worse.

TAKE THE CHILDREN OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. It’s the only action that will have any meaning. The only thing that will work. The schools are way beyond reform. They can’t be fixed.

If America fails to make it to the 22nd century, it’ll be largely the work of our alleged “education” system.

‘”De-Colonizing Math”… to Dumb It Down’ (2017)

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Wrong answers can kill you dead!

Math is about not running out of money because you can’t understand a budget. It’s about airplanes flying without falling down, and buildings remaining upright. In short, it’s about doing things right.

That’s what liberals hate about it.

‘De-Colonizing Math’… to Dumb It Down

I had problems with math in school because I hated that math problems had real answers and you couldn’t B.S. your way around them.

But now I see the beauty of it… and the horrific ugliness of the alternative.

‘Be a Hero, Give a Zero’ (2018)

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Okay, you’re a kid in public school, and you don’t bother to do your homework, you bomb every test and every quiz, you pay no attention in class (if you even bother to show up)–and what kind of grade would you expect?

Oh, heck! At least a “50,” just for existing.

Be a Hero, Give a Zero

Here’s a teacher in Florida (Florida!) who was fired for giving a student a Zero because he did no work at all. But then I remember a teacher who told me she knew some of her students were cheating on tests, but did nothing about it, just gave them C’s and passed ’em on… “because it’s easier that way.”

I hope there are enough kids being homeschooled to keep our civilization from collapsing.

‘The “Right” to Teach?’ (2019)

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What they’re really after is the “right” to groom your kids for sex. Go ahead, teacher unions: deny it if you dare.

Teachers’ unions don’t even try, anymore, to hide their disdain for the tax-paying public. More than a few of them have come right out and declared themselves Marxists. And then there are all the sexual misfits–

And this country’s fixing to send its children back to those schools? Gluttons for punishment, aren’t we?

The ‘Right’ to Teach?

Where is it written that freaks and wackos have a “right” to teach?

But it’s out fault. We just keep on sending our kids to those schools, no matter how far-out and toxic it gets. I don’t know what “teachers” have to do anymore to get the parents’ dander up. And as for the local school boards themselves–

Well, once upon a time they represented us and served the community.

But that was once upon a time.