‘College Crapola Du Jour’ (2018)

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I can hardly believe this “abolish the sexes!” schiff has been going on for three years, or even more. And I won’t even try to imagine what the mental patients who run Colorado State University are up to now. This was bad enough.

College Crapola du Jour

“Use only gender-neutral emojis, and inclusive pronouns…” College makes you stupid! It’s making the whole country stupider and stupider.

If American civilization fails, we’ll be able to say in all truthfulness that we “educated” it to death.

‘Brown U. Aborts Its Own Study (‘Cause They Didn’t Like What They Found)’ (2018)

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This is how “science” is done anymore: if you don’t like what your scientific study tells you, you shut it down. If it isn’t giving you the answer you want to hear, terminate it.

Brown U. Aborts Its Own Study (‘Cause They Didn’t Like What They Found)

Brown University had a study of gender-bending which strongly suggested the whole thing was something less than real–so they shut it down. Didn’t want to offend the trannies.

I have never in my life seen anything as bizarre and unreal as the whole “transgender” movement.

Our colleges and universities are the cauldron in which this evil is brewed.

Another School Board Group Jumps Ship

Parents, pols slam FBI probe into CRT-related harassment in schools

Another school board association has severed its ties with the National School Boards Assn. in the wake of the NSBA calling on the FBI to “investigate” parents (!) as possible “domestic terrorists” (https://www.dailywire.com/news/the-final-straw-pa-school-board-assn-withdraws-from-national-assn-after-domestic-terrorism-letter).

The Pennsylvania SBA called the NSBA’s action “the final straw” and voted unanimously to end its membership in the larger group.

In plain English, Pennsylvania says the NSBA’s reaction–to parents who’ve been showing up at public school board meetings to object to the Far Left curricula imported into their schools, which they pay for–has poisoned relations between the boards and the communities they’re supposed to serve. Honk if you believe they serve you. The national association is making all the school board associations look bad.

Louisiana, Virginia, and now Pennsylvania–that’s three, probably with more to come.

Thing is, guys–what with your packing the school curriculum with Critical Race Theory, transgender propaganda, “down with America” bogus history… well, it’s impossible for us to believe you have ever had the communities’ interests at heart. Looks more like the only thing you ever cared about was stuffing your Far Left agenda down our children’s throats. The NSBA’s “Boo-hoo, we’re victims!” blarney really was the last straw for a lot of us.

I know I’ve been hitting this hard lately, at the risk of boring my readers; but we really do have to get out from under the public education establishment–which has proved, over and over again, to be hostile to the American people who fund their shabby schools.

All we do is pay and pay and pay, without any say in what gets taught or who teaches it–and that’s wrong.

Girl Raped in School–But Only Her Father Gets Prosecuted

On June 22, Scott Smith was dragged out of a Loudoun County school board meeting after listening to the woke school board justify its transgender bathroom policies. He says he was trying to tell the room that his daughter had been raped by a boy 'wearing a skirt' in the girls' bathroom just weeks earlier and that the school ignored it

Busted! Because some kid raped his daughter in the school bathroom.

What do you have to hear before you understand that there is no more good in public education?

Loudon County, Virginia–again! At one of their high schools, a boy wearing a skirt followed a 14-year-old girl into the girls’ bathroom and raped her–a crime which “school officials” (you gotta love ’em) covered up for four months, because they wanted to protect the school district’s new transgender policy (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/sickening-loudoun-county-schools-covered-rape-14-year-old-girl-prosecuted-father-protect-male-transgender-student-permitted-use-ladies-bathrooms/).

So all they did was transfer the boy to another school–where he raped another girl.

When the first girl’s father showed up at a school board meeting to complain… he got arrested! And prosecuted. He’s the only character in the story who got punished. For airing the school’s dirty linen at a public meeting.

See, they were pushing their new transgender policy: a boy who says he’s a girl can use the girls’ bathrooms. Because everybody knows that nothing can possibly go wrong with that! The girl’s father made them look like liars and frauds. He was able to do that because they are liars and frauds.

Do you want your children “educated” by these people? Really?

If your answer is “yes,” please tell us why.

This Really Is Disgusting

Do you really, truly, honest-to-pete want your little kids getting this for an education? Hey, tell me if you do! Because I would regard that as a great curiosity that cries out for explanation.

Do we not want to be free anymore? Are we content to be the globalists’ livestock? The main course at the teachers’ union banquet? I mean, really, people! This isn’t America, in this video. This is commie China. Yeah, this is how they do it over there in commie-land. To think that stuff like this might have some part to play in our country’s future is profoundly depressing.

Public education is broken. It can’t be fixed. It is owned and operated by very bad people with insane ideas.

Pull your kids out now.

(Sheesh! Does this whole COVID thing resemble one of those darker Twilight Zone episodes–the ones written by Charles Beaumont, before he died so young from early-onset Alzheimer’s–or what?)


My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 7 (‘School Boards vs. American Parents’)

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School board members caught out of disguise

How are we supposed to get adequate representation–and service!–from people who despise us?

Of course I’m talking about our local boards of education. We’d be better represented by space aliens.


I can hardly believe they’ve sicked the FBI on us. You know–that bunch that used to be an elite law enforcement agency, that hunted gangsters, not parents. The FBI is going to “investigate” parents now.

We have a so-called government that behaves like a foreign power occupying a conquered population. Natives getting restless? Make some of ’em disappear!

Apparently we’re not allowed to dissent from the school boards’ Far Left Crazy agenda.

The only meaningful and effective thing we can do about it is to pull our children out of the public schools. Public education is broken beyond repair.


‘”Higher Education”: A Model That Can’t Work’ (2018)

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Cerberus, in case you were wondering

Somehow, years ago, America blundered into the delusion that everybody–yes, everybody–ought to go to college. Why everybody ought to go to college was never made clear. ‘Cause Cerberus’ll getcha, if ya don’t?

‘Higher Education’: A Model That Can’t Work

So you wind up with two million dullards with degrees in Nothing Studies, and more debt than they’ll ever be able to pay off–especially with their microscopic earning power–and then what? But that’s another one of those questions that no one has answered.

I think I’d rather face Cerburus than our current education system.

Official Stats: College Students Going Bonkers (2016)

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Just because you’re nuts doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy!

If it was this bad five years ago, how bad is it now?

Official Stats: College Students Going Bonkers

Are ordinary yardsticks of mental health still relevant if everybody’s crazy? And what is it that’s sending droves of college students to the campus shrink?

I wonder what it takes for someone to recover from the college experience.

Are You a ‘Domestic Terrorist’?

Group protests Critical Race Theory at Fort Worth ISD school board meeting

Now we’re “terrorists”?

Yo! Y’know those local school boards that we… elect? We ought to get our heads examined!

The National School Boards Assn. has asked Doddering Joe Biden (some, but not many, people’s idea of a “president”) to brand dissenting and protesting parents as “domestic terrorists” who are committing “hate crimes” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/school-boards-group-asks-biden-to-consider-labeling-opponents-domestic-terrorists/).

Sheesh. You leave the nooze alone for a few hours and it just gets worse.

Now that “remote learning” has enabled parents to see and hear what is being “taught” to their children in the public schools–racial hatred and lots of transgender schiff–they’ve swarmed to school board meetings all over the country and lodged loud and vigorous protests against the curriculum. And the school boards resent their interference.

Maybe the parents should riot. Then their actions would be reclassified as “mostly peaceful protests.” Like when leftids burn down half a city.

Nothing like that has happened at any school board meeting. People are just mad. Mad that school boards use their tax dollars to warp their children’s minds. And they are demanding that it stop.

Is that what makes you a “domestic terrorist”?

Watch. Eventually “domestic terrorist” will be a term applied for any dissent from Far Left Crazy’s “education” program. Like the term “racist,” it will cease to have any meaning at all.

Pull your children out of public school! It’s our only effective recourse. The fanatics in charge of public education will never listen to us, never address our grievances, and never stop poisoning our children’s minds.

We have to make it stop.

‘Harvard: “Gender” Changes Day to Day

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This story is already revolting enough without an illustration. Here’s a lovely red salamander instead.

We’ve been living with this “transgender” garbage for years now. Imagine that.

Our colleges and universities belch it out like smog.

Harvard: ‘Gender’ Changes Day to Day

Yowah, yowsah! Today you’re this, tomorrow you’re that. And everybody better be on the ball with those pronouns–because “misgendering” can actually cause one of these jidrools to kick the bucket. Harvard says so!

How are we supposed to keep our self-respect, if they can force us to say we believe stuff like that?

We’re not.