‘What In the World Is This?’ (2018)


Behold the Narmer Palette, a relic of Egyptian civilization celebrating the reign of Narmer, the first pharaoh of a unified Egypt. Scholars date this artifact to around 3150 B.C. For what that’s worth. “Consensus” is not fact. Indeed, the consensus can be laughably wrong.

But take a closer look at this artifact. What do you see?

What in the World is This?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I see a couple of captive dinosaurs! They’re either long-necked dinosaurs or totally imaginary beasts whose once-upon-a-time meaning has been lost to us over the millenia. But the rest of the palette, hieroglyphics and all, can easily be read and understood by scholars. Why should there be a total mystery sitting right smack-dab in the middle of it?

There’s an awful lot more we don’t know, than we know, about the origins of civilization. Did the Egyptians once use dinosaurs as beasts of burden? Or keep them in zoos? (Yes, they had zoos.)

Nobody knows.


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  1. There is something else in that artifact that most miss. Giants. There are four figurines of people holding staffs. Behind them are three figures. Two tall, and one extra tall (a giant).

    1. It was a convention in Egyptian art always to depict the pharaoh as a giant. It was their way of emphasizing his importance.

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