Colossal, Towering, Gigantic Ignorance

True, “man on the street” interviews always make the man on the street look like a bozo. So this video is a collection of sheer stupidities voiced by young people–virtually all of whom are high school grads, and most have probably been to (LOL) “college.”

I mean, these young people don’t know anything! God knows how much public money has been spent on “educating” them.

The point is, should the costliest and most intrusive education system in world history turn out total ignoramuses? And the danger is, because they know nothing, these poor swabs will believe anything they’re told and be ripe for any wicked foolish enterprise a tyrant might devise.

Public education–it’s gotta go.

2 comments on “Colossal, Towering, Gigantic Ignorance

  1. I work as a sub teacher in the public schools and I can verify this video is correct. Gov’t schools are factories where learning is not the goal, but passing the next test – plus the students know they will be passed on to the next grade no matter what their grades. The biggest deficit I see in education is the students inability to communicate verbally.

    1. A teacher once confessed to me that she let her students cheat on tests and quizzes. “It’s easier that way,” she said.

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