I’m in a Slump

My brother stuck in a bench. He would've been 41 years old today. This  image was taken by my grandpa (I think). I uploaded it from a slide. : r/aww

If I were Popeye I’d be needing my spinach just now, ’cause I’m in a slump. I don’t know, maybe it’s the weird weather we’ve been having here this week. Last weekend we sweltered in the nineties. Now it feels like October. When can we expect the Trick-or-Treaters?

I’ve got to create blog posts, write a Newswithviews column, and get some more work done on my manuscript. I’ve already been out to the doctor’s for more eye drops. And they’re doing roadwork outside that makes our building shake. Not nice!

How do I bust loose? Maybe sit outside a bit, before it rains. It looks like rain. Hum, baby.

Maybe resort to prayer. On second thought, never mind the maybe.

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  1. Resorting to prayer is always A Good Thing — as long as it’s not just a “last resort.” (joke) 😉

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