Shake the Schools and Pour…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Oh, our poor country!

I’m not a Newt Gingrich fan, but he does have a point. Vice President (oh, please) Kamala Harris, he says, “is the first product of our modern teachers’ union/woke education system to get anywhere.” Which is to say, “She knows nothing” and is oblivious to things going on around her.

And should anything happen to SloJo Biden, already the worst president ever, this human train wreck, Kamala Harris, would replace him. So if he’s alive in 2024, he’s runnin’. Like, who do the Democrats have who wouldn’t be even worse?

Do we have enough kids homeschooling to carry the country on their shoulders when they grow up? It’s a scary thought: a whole generation of nothingburgers like Kamala taking over America. Sheesh. If that doesn’t kill us, nothing will. Just her cackling alone might do it…

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  2. Funny, tragic and true all at the same time: Kamala is the product of leftist public school education where she doesn’t know anything and promoted base upon Intersectionality

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