Murderers of Their Own Posterity

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Normally I don’t allow any nooze to break the peace of the Sabbath; but there are times when I see a need to make an exception.

In the wake of the Supreme Court putting the question of “abortion rights” back in the hands of the states, Far Left Crazy has gone totally wacko–as if abortion were THE best thing in their lives, and to restrain or limit it in any way a strike at their very existence.

So we’ve got a hot dog joint in Nashville offering you a free milkshake if you can prove you’ve had a vasectomy (

In I, Claudius, Augustus Caesar, storming against Roman senators who won’t marry and have children, calls them “murderers of your own posterity.” Well, he should see it now.

How come “reproductive health” always comes down to stopping reproduction?

The self-hatred of the Left extends to all the human species. If we all do what they say we should do–abortion, same-sex “marriage,” transgender, assisted suicide, etc., etc.–we’ll go extinct. They seem to want that very badly. Hating themselves, they hate everyone.

Teachers’ unions and the Democrat Party–they’ll kill us if they can.

5 comments on “Murderers of Their Own Posterity

  1. And yet they always want to raise up more acolytes in their image and likeness, and they also want a slave population to serve them. So some people will have to reproduce. They may have to set up special breeding farms, some for breeding more “elites” and others for breeding the slaves. (Alphas, Betas, and Gammas, anyone? Or Eloi and Morlocks? Maybe Houyhnhnms and Yahoos?)

  2. Strangely enough, I accidentally came across an old article/ commentary titled Choose Life. I did it in 2009. I am preparing to get it ready to send those friends I have been sending some of my commentaries to. Just got an email from a friend in another city who is enthused about some notes I had sent to her.

  3. Over a million people showed up in Cologne, France to be a part of the Gay Pride parade. Don’t look to see what some of the participants dressed up as (or dressed down) or you will have nightmares. Sodom is no more – when is it the time to deal with all this perversion from Heaven?

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