Pro-Aborts See Babies as ‘Parasites’

I hate to break the Sabbath rest with trash like this; but there is great evil afoot in this lamentable period of history, and we have to know what we’re up against.

Even Snopes, self-anointed “fact checkers,” couldn’t quite pull the bad guys out of this muck. The best they could do was speculate that these gals might only be pretending to call babies “parasites,” just to make abortion fiends look bad.  The photo, first published in 2019, has not been altered, Snopes was forced to conclude. That must’ve hurt.

And dig the “My body, my choice” T-shirts. Where does “choice” go when Big Brother wants to shoot you up with an experimental something-or-other that they’re calling a “vaccine”? Oh, well! Freedom’s all right when everything is going good–but at the first sign of trouble… lockdown! And, heh-heh, mail-in voting.

It’s a vile, disgusting age we live in. May God Almighty fight for us.

Tell Me Again Why We Despise ‘Journalists’


When a “renowned journalist” in Australia got her fingers burned, playing with fire, she played dumb. Honk if she fooled you.

“Renowned journalist” Lana Murphy covered a pro-abortion demo in Melbourne–although why Australia should have a near-riot over a U.S. court decision is pretty far beyond me. She was photographed holding a sign that said,”Mary [Virgin Mary, that is] should have had an abortion.”

The Renowned Journalist posted the pictures on social media, as if she were proud of them. Then people saw the pictures and the backlash hit.

First the Renowned Journalist said it wasn’t her sign, someone in the crowd handed it to her. Well, she looks awfully happy to be holding it, doesn’t she?

Then she “apologized.” For a Renowned Journalist to blatantly take sides in a public controversy was, she said, “a mistake.” Funny: I could’ve sworn she’d done it on purpose.

Then the network announced that the Renowned Journalist would be given “counseling” so that she would understand that cheerleading for abortion and blaspheming against the Christian faith just might somehow offend some people. Apparently this particular Renowned Journalist is as thick as two bricks–“Gosh! How could I have ever guessed they’d be offended?”

She has her defenders on the social media. One ignoramus tried to bite “the Christo-fascists” who got the Renowned Journalist pulled off the air for a day or two.

Tell ya what, sunshine. Why don’t you and your friends fly over to Iran, or Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia and try marching around with signs that say Mohammed’s mama should’ve had an abortion? Try that and see where it gets you. I’m guessing it gets you dead.

Meanwhile–hey, Lana, the cat’s out of the bag, now everybody knows where you’re coming from.

But who trusts “journalists” anymore?

AZ Dems Say ‘F*** the 4th!’

Handmaid's Tale' Costumes Used in Protests as Symbol of Resistance - Variety

Totally full of you-know-what

Really, are you still in any doubt at all as to where Democrats are coming from?

Honk if you think the term “patriotic Democrat” is anything but an oxymoron.

Pima County, Arizona, Democrats had a message on their website a few days ago: “F*** the 4th!” ( It was posted to advertise an event staged by the Tucson Women’s March… idiots who “grieve for the loss of their bodily autonomy.” It’s full-throttle “Handmaid’s Tail”: these people do love drama.

Uh, how did they lose their bodily autonomy? By being forced to take newfangled experimental “vaccines” whether they want to or not? Heavens no. They were all for that.

No, it was that evil mean Supreme Court that went and overturned one-size-fits-all “abortion rights,” returning the issue to the individual states.

How about the as-yet unborn baby’s bodily autonomy? Oh, that doesn’t count! Democrats want to abort babies right up to and including the moment of birth.

Anyway, the Pima Dems got beaucoup backlash for their little Fourth of July message, and deleted it–but heck, the cat was already out of the bag. For them it’s either The United States of Abortion or nothing.


Murderers of Their Own Posterity

Human Extinction Stock Photo - Alamy

Normally I don’t allow any nooze to break the peace of the Sabbath; but there are times when I see a need to make an exception.

In the wake of the Supreme Court putting the question of “abortion rights” back in the hands of the states, Far Left Crazy has gone totally wacko–as if abortion were THE best thing in their lives, and to restrain or limit it in any way a strike at their very existence.

So we’ve got a hot dog joint in Nashville offering you a free milkshake if you can prove you’ve had a vasectomy (

In I, Claudius, Augustus Caesar, storming against Roman senators who won’t marry and have children, calls them “murderers of your own posterity.” Well, he should see it now.

How come “reproductive health” always comes down to stopping reproduction?

The self-hatred of the Left extends to all the human species. If we all do what they say we should do–abortion, same-sex “marriage,” transgender, assisted suicide, etc., etc.–we’ll go extinct. They seem to want that very badly. Hating themselves, they hate everyone.

Teachers’ unions and the Democrat Party–they’ll kill us if they can.

Tucker Carlson Nails It!

I don’t often post anything that’s 17 minutes long, but in this case I have to make an exception. Tucker Carlson has hit the bullseye: he is telling us what the Woke/Democrat utopia is going to be like for the rest of us.

There will be no such thing as “middle-class life” anymore. The movers ‘n’ shakers will be way up there (think Obama in his Martha’s Vineyard mansion) and the vast majority of us will be way down below, crawling around in the dark.

Do we let them do it to us? Is there any one of their tricks that we don’t know about by now?

God help us: look at the damage they’ve done in just a year and a half.

Now It’s “#SexStrike” (Ask Me If I Care)

An abortion rights demonstrator bows down as people protest the supreme court’s decision in Detroit.

Oh, forsooth, this nooze! Let me outta here… But first this.

“Trending on Twitter”–I’d be very disappointed in myself if I actually cared what was “trending” anywhere–is a gambit by pro-abortion nut jobs: “#SexStrike” (–a proposal for all women to withhold sex from all men except those who are in favor of abortion.

“My legs are CLOSED!” tweets one. “Take the pledge” to, uh, “fight” for abortion, tweets another. This message is “to all people with a uterus.” I believe those used to be called “women.” It’s all the Supreme Court’s fault! So no more sex until abortion–preferably unrestricted, right up to and including infanticide–is once more the law for all 50 states.

Do they think we can’t live without “having sex” with them? Can you imagine being married to one of these witches? Like, every time a baby’s safely born, it’s like dripping acid into the witches’ eyes. Who wants to be across the breakfast table from a mind like that?

These are not nice people; nor are they quite all there.

‘UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!’ (2018)

Climate Change: Best Photos of 2021

“Oh, if only we’d let them have that carbon tax!”

Well, that was four years ago, so now I guess we’ve only got eight years before Climbit Change–and lack of government control over our disorderly peasant lives–wipes us all out.

UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!

Of course, they don’t mind wiping out the human race by turning all the boys into fake sterile girls and all the girls into fake sterile boys, promoting homosexuality, and aborting every baby they can get their hands on. That’s Far Left Crazy globalism for you.

How about it? Do we give them all our money, and vast new powers over us, in hopes that they can save us?

Or should we treat them as we treat extortionists and racketeers?

‘A Sobering Thought’ (2018)

Image result for images of angry protesters

Look at the passion poured out–for abortion. Who wants to get into a debate with these wackos?

We are given different spiritual gifts. Life would get kind of boring if we were all the same.

I have not been given the gift of verbally fencing with atheists and enjoying it. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, excelled at it–and he did it without making anybody angry. Now that’s a gift. My friend and mentor at Chalcedon, Martin Selbrede, has it. But I don’t.

A Sobering Thought

So I once confessed that I had no desire to debate, and what that did was provoke a blizzard of angry comments from atheists, most of which had to be deleted.

They would have you believe they’re a mighty multitude: that they are the mainstream and Christians this weird little minority whose only function is to annoy them. Being in tight with teachers’ unions and Hollywood gives them a lot of high cards to play with. I was going to say “trump cards,” but that would only get them mad.

Why Does Anybody Say Such Things?

We do not know why this idiot was interviewed.

I don’t know who this, er, “abortion advocate” was, or why she should have been testifying before the House Judiciary Committee as if she were someone of importance.

Asked to define what a woman is, she replied, “I believe that everyone can identify for themselves” ( Whatever you “identify” yourself to be… that’s what you are! (Are you out there, Genghis Khan?)

Then a Congressman asked her, “Do you believe men can get pregnant and have abortions?”

Wait for it…


Where does that leave us? Either this dindle is saying something she knows perfectly well to be untrue and ridiculous… or she’s just plain crazy. Either way, there are far too many people saying things like this and I don’t know why!

Why didn’t the Congressman say “Do you dare to sit in front of this committee and spout such insulting nonsense at us?” Should’ve charged her with contempt of Congress–although something tells me contempt for Congress is just about universal, these days.

And well-earned.

‘The Pregnant Man’ Returns

No, it’s not a 1950s horror movie. It’s 2022 abortion politics.

When someone not yet identified leaked an impending Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, the ruling that “legalized” abortion without any legislation, Democrats and the rest of the Far Left scream machine went off like dynamite.

And among the first casualties–or so it seemed, just days ago–was the fantastic figure of The Pregnant Man, aka “birthing person” ( Suddenly abortion was all about “women’s health”–not “birthing person’s”–and “a woman’s right to choose.” Women this, women that, and not a pregnant man anywhere in sight.

Then Senate Democrats rushed to “codify” abortion by making a law to support it. They already had a bill guaranteeing nationwide “abortion rights,” but it failed last year because it was too full of Crazy. So they modified it, trying to make it sound like something not written by untreated mental patients, and a few days ago, put it up for a vote as the Women’s Health Protection Act”–

–Which, once you got past the title, made not one mention of women–unless you want to count the one about all restrictions on abortion “are rooted in misogyny.” Otherwise, pregnant women were replace by “all people with the capacity for pregnancy.”

Yup, he’s back. The Pregnant Man returns.

I think the Dems should dump the donkey and adopt the Pregnant Man as their party’s mascot.