Prayer Request: For Phoebe

Please join me in praying for our dear friend and colleague, Phoebe. Her cat, Iggy, is having a bad time of it (he recently had his 19th birthday). This kind of thing doesn’t get easier with time.

O Lord! You know how we love our pets, and they love us. You know how much it hurts us when we lose them. Please, be kind to your servant, Phoebe, and save and heal her cat. The evils of a fallen world are hard on us, Father. Please grant your blessing to your servant, Phoebe–and heal her cat. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Thank you, everyone. I really thought Iggy would be no more by today, but he seems to be rallying a bit and he even managed to eat something when I got home from church this morning — the first he’s eaten since Thursday. I haven’t commented much this weekend because I just didn’t have the energy. But know that all of you are in my prayers, and I appreciate your own prayers for me and Iggy.

    And by the way, he just had his 18th birthday, not his 19th, although I pray that he’ll make it to that 19th … but it doesn’t look good right now. His kidneys have been failing, and that’s causing a whole chain of other problems. He’s the dearest boy. I treasure every moment that I still have him. But I did a lot of crying this weekend.

    1. Sorry about the error.
      We’ll keep praying, Phoebe.
      We still haven’t gotten over losing our little Peep… whenever it was. She was our angel. That time is sort of a blur for both of us.
      God help us, this fallen world is hard on us.

    2. A few years ago, a cat that I loved dearly developed cancer. It was one of the hardest things I ever went through. A very compassionate veterinarian helped, and after the battle was lost, he sent me a card, written from the cat’s point of view. The last sentence of that card were words to the effect of: speak not of heaven, it was heaven living with you. (I am brought to tears as I write this.) I took in a stray cat that had survived a very rough situation, and gave her both prosperity, and love. She returned the love towards me, many, many times over. When the time came, I prayed only that God would not forget her.

      All you can do is take it one day at a time, Phoebe, but you are not alone.

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