‘Do Not Hang Up…’

3d illustration: red metal robot in headphones with headset calls customers  with annoying ads, dials the phone number randomly, spambot, robocalls  Stock Photo - Alamy

Nuisance phone calls from robots are really getting out of hand; and if our government was worth anything (LOL), it’d do something about this. Like find the responsible parties and throw them to the alligators.

“Do not hang up. This is not a sales call…”

Three times in ten minutes! They wanted “to confirm your address” so some Persons Unknown can send us COVID tests. And it’s just a robot with this commanding female voice, so you can’t with any profit curse at it, insult it, or squeak the cat’s squeaky toy into the phone.

Y’know, when the phone rings at 9:00 at night or later–like it did for this abomination–you have to respond, it might be a family emergency. And then it’s just crapola. Three times in ten minutes. Once more, and I would have disconnected the phone. The same damned shyster phoned us three times in ten minutes.

Find the robots and make the owners eat them.

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  1. My only phone is a mobile phone, and I have it setup so that if the originating number is not in my address book, it doesn’t ring. If I don’t do that, I will get a steady stream of robo calls, all day.

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