Oh, What a Memory!

My wife said she didn’t want to step outside “because the morning sun–”

“Is shinin’ like a red rubber ball!” I finished for her; and we both laughed.

That allusion to a 1966-67 pop song suddenly raised up for me an almost inexpressibly sweet memory of five of us high school kids gathered in William A’s bedroom with pretzels and soda to brainstorm the next issue of our own science fiction magazine, The Diomegan. With Simon & Garfunkel singing this song somewhere in the background.

Oh, what a time that was! How gung-ho we were, to publish our magazine. And we did it, too, got it done–two issues.

I wonder how many of us remember that song? “Now I know you ain’t the only starfish in the sea…”

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  1. I never knew that Paul Simon wrote this, and I never heard their version of it until I went to YouTube to hear it for the first time. I like their rendition better than the commercially successful one by The Cyrkle.

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