Dogs’ Names Are… ‘Racist’?

Dog with question mark Stock Photo by ©alphaspirit 142306850

We got anether Crysis “on” our hannds!!!!

Thare’s a payper “out” nhow that says Dog “whith” Wite Naimes thay get adapted moar “than” Dogs whith Black Naimes witch jist gose “To” shoew yiu that Dogs and peple that adapt Dogs thay “Are” awl Racist!!!!!!

And then sum Hater he sayed “O comb “on!”! how menny Dogs are Naimed Wokeesha or Jummal”?”?” “and oncet yiu Adapt A Dog,, caint yiu Naime it any Naime yiu whant?”?”?” So sicks of us we beet himb Up!!!

Well, it dint taik The Stoodint Soviet enny tyimb At Awl to “swing” Into Axion!!!! We quick drewed up New Rools “foar” Adapting Dogs!! 1(one!)@: Awl Dogs thay nhow has to has Black Naimes!!! 2(too!)#: Awl peeple who Adapt Dogs thay nhow has to has Black Naimes tooo!!!!

It doughnt Mater “that” i doughnt Know ennboddy whoo Has “a” Dog!!! Thare is a gye in the dorm,, he “has” a Pet Cockaroatch naimed Pdgaa oar sumb Thing lyke That butt i doughnt Know weather thats a Wite Naime or a Black Naime or sumpthing Ellse!!!!” Prefester Joanes he hadded a Dog “but” it runned aweiaygh!! (Sumbuddy sayed it “was Not” a Dog but “a” Ant-Eeater!) Well iff ennyboddy Ellse thay has a Dog thay beter Chainge it to a Black Naime or we whil Putt themb “In” Sensertivitry Traning!!!!

6 comments on “Dogs’ Names Are… ‘Racist’?

  1. My dogs were called Glen, Ben and Laddie. Do not care if Joe likes them or not.

  2. What if the dog identifies as a cat or a horse? Then a dog-name would be deadnaming it/him/zrump.

    1. Great point. Earlier today, my cat decided that she identifies as a Gila Monster, so now I have to go to the hospital. 🙂

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