‘What? In the Rain? Meow to That!’

“Unknowable” and I have been chatting about our cats who wanted to go outside, nagged us about it, and then changed their minds when they saw that it was raining or snowing. (Note: I don’t let my cats out anymore. Much too dangerous for them.)

Our cat Henry would step out at first, in case the rain or snow was an optical illusion. As soon as he got his feet wet he would look up at me and blame me. He just had to go out, he’d give me no peace if I didn’t let him out–and then the weather was my fault.

We love them anyway.

7 comments on “‘What? In the Rain? Meow to That!’

  1. Tommy is pretty interesting, and he’s free with his opinions.

    As I write this, I am out front with my cat. She insists on a trip outside, from time to time, and who am I to go against the will of a Siamese? Tne afternoon’s monsoon is gathering to the south, so this may be her only chance to go outside, today. Actually, I’m back inside already. There was distant Thunder, and that may have changed her mind. In any event, she got her way … again.

    Recently, I called her during a monsoon, and when I opened the door she voiced her displeasure, and withdrew from the doorway. I held her and walked close enough t” the open door that she could see what was going on. It didn’t please her, but she seemed deep in thought, processing that it isn’t always sunny and warm. Of course, none of this would have happened, had I been doing my job. 🙂

    1. My little friend finds a spot on my chair and stays close. We are moments from a major storm, so I’m expecting an afternoon of cat cuddling.

  2. These two Aussie dogs act the same way; they ask to go out, but the moment they see what is happening it is a fast U-turn, only to repeat the process in 15 minutes. It gets a little old, but it happens every day, and if there is thunder and lightening; Forget it.

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