Honest, I’m Not Doing This!

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About half the time I post something on Facebook, instead of the video or the picture I’ve selected, I get the Bell Mountain cover. I do not know why! I do know it makes me look like I’m annoying the reader with a cheap commercial. No wonder my sales have been so poor.

Honest, folks, I’m not doing this! Maybe it’s Facebook, maybe it’s WordPress, maybe it’s the Annunaki–but it sure as shoot ain’t me. I am upset by it and I don’t know how to make it stop.

If you know, please tell me.

4 comments on “Honest, I’m Not Doing This!

  1. I tried to reply and after writing my remarks, the post comment tab was non-existent. I tried again and it is back — see if it works.

  2. It’s Facebook. It happens quite a bit. Their system grabs images based on the page’s source code, not what is front and centre. Sometimes, that results in posting images that aren’t even anywhere on the page itself. It’s bizarre. In your case, it’s grabbing the first image of your books that you have in the footer of your page.

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