‘Prince in Peril,’ Sixteen Chapters

may 31 2019 001

Holy moly, it’s hot out there today! Patty’s trying to sleep off her back spasms, and my heel spur is giving me fits. I’ve been to the stores today, we’ll have lamb shanks for supper, and it’s hard for us today to summon up a festive mood.

I’m plugging away at Ozias, Prince in Peril–sixteen chapters done so far. Mid-November seems a long way away, especially now, but you’d be surprised how fast it comes when you’re trying to write a book. I finished The Ocean of Time last year on absolutely the last day I could have finished it before it got too cold outside.

Prince Ozias is learning the ways of the forest, the Red Queen has sent hunters in to capture him, and Lord Claudus has his hands full, keeping Queen Parella safe. You know what’s going to happen if Maressa ever gets her hands on them.

You may have noticed that I haven’t covered any nooze today. Leaving it out is the best I can do by way of celebration. And thank you, O God, for air conditioning!

We’ve got to wipe out the Democrats in the midterms. Got to! And we know they’re going to cheat. May the good Lord fight for us.

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  1. Oooh, lamb shanks, yum yum! I’ll be right over … as soon as someone invents a transporter to beam me over there. 🙂

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