Lap Lizard

I hope you’re not put off by lizards. Here’s an iguana who jumps onto her daddy’s lap when he coaxes her. Iguana are social animals. My iguana thought he was a mammal and acted accordingly. Oh., he was okay with other lizards. But he really preferred the company of humans, dogs, and cats.

I found something very rewarding in that!

7 comments on “Lap Lizard

  1. There are a lot of small lizards that live in our apartment. And every once in a while one will fall on me when I am sitting. There is one kind of lizard that lives in our apartment that can grow to that size.

  2. I’ve always liked lizards, and this is a very sweet one– but the man’s shirt needs to go in the laundry! (Trust a woman to notice that, and maybe it’s why the girl-lizard was so reluctant to jump in his lap.) (Just kidding.) 😛

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