‘Lib Cafe Charges 18% “Man Tax”‘ (2017)

Rosie's Diner car in Rockford for sale after closing in 2011

“Here’s where you check your privilege, Mister Man!”

Was there ever a more obnoxious expression than “Check your privilege”? Especially because it’s only used by the most obnoxious and privileged people in the world–white liberals.

Here’s a cafe in Melbourne, Australia, where the specialty of the house is obnoxiousness.

Lib Cafe Charges 18% ‘Man Tax’

Wow! I’ll bet that taught the BBC not to have a gender gap! Every time a one-horse diner in Australia disrespects a man for being a man, another woman at the BBC in London gets promoted to a top job! Or something like that. Ask your local liberal about it.

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  1. That’s ok, I could just identify as a woman when the check came. Then, when I left I’d give them that special wave goodbye with that special single-finger wave. 🙂

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