Lib Cafe Charges 18% ‘Man Tax’

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And Australia is now making its move in the ongoing Ninnie Derby, coming on fast!

See if you can follow this chain of reasoning.

*The BBC publishes a list of its top salaries, and only one person on it is a woman. PM Theresa May is dismayed.

*In Melbourne, Australia, in response to the “gender gap” at the BBC, which is on the opposite side of the world from Melbourne, a “vegan cafe” called Handsome Her will now charge all male patrons–if they have any–an 18% “man tax,” plus they will always seat women first. This, babbles the owner, is a way of “making men stop and question their privilege.” (

Gee, it sure looks to me like the ones with the “privilege” are those who get coddled and praised and allowed to piss all over whoever they decide has been “oppressing” them:  ordinary white men have the privilege of being blamed for everything, paying for everything, and being hated for everything.

But then what kind of hop-toad is going to go into a vegan cafe in the first place?

Is there a technical term for a man who takes pleasure in getting abused by lesbians? (And don’t say “Yeah–a Democrat!”)

4 comments on “Lib Cafe Charges 18% ‘Man Tax’

  1. The insanity and idiocy overtaking the world in this generation is extremely disturbing. Demonic activity is on the increase. What will become of this country (or any other) when this group of indoctrinated grads takes power? Perish the thought!

    1. Actually that’s a good way to lose quite a bit more than half their potential customers. No self respecting woman would support a business where her husband, sons etc are basically discriminated against…

  2. The worlds ignorance grows at leaps and bounds every day. So if another cafe charges a 18% tax on women and call it the “privilege to bare children tax” so that women can process their own privileges- how fast do you think women would be dawning vagina hats and screaming sexist scum with signs outside? Women have come so far in civilized society yet these lower forms of femininity do threaten to pull all of us back down into the social sewer.

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