Cat Steals Slippers

When she was a kitten, Robbie often picked up Patty’s slippers and carried them around. She outgrew the habit before she could decide where to put the slippers.

This cat’s human has obliged him with a slipper and a blanket.

3 comments on “Cat Steals Slippers

  1. Cats can make a toy out of almost anything that they are capable of lifting. It’s quite remarkable, and to me speaks of intelligence and imagination. Of any aminal I’ve ever observed, cats strike me as having the most fertile imaginations.

    1. It’s hard to describe, but I am certain that cats have a strong sense of make believe. Not five minutes ago, my cat was on the other side of the room, her tailed bristled and she was acting as if something very exciting was happening. The thing is, nothing was happening. She was just playing. There has to be quite an imagination behind that sort of behavior.

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