Disney Hasn’t Learned A Lesson

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Lots of fun times in Hell!

What’s the latest trash-dump for DisneyCorp?

Why, it’s Little Demon–animated feature-length cartoon about a teenage girl who discovers her father is Satan… and all the cool stuff that ensues (https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/disney-embraces-satan-in-new-show-little-demon/). Oh, and she might be the Antichrist.

Does it, like, have to be unwholesome before DisneyCorp will film it? Man, if Walt Disney were still alive today, these jerks would wish their fathers never met their mothers.

Did you know Hell is… kinda fun? I mean, if your father is Satan.

Let’s see if they lose money on this caper. It would be really too bad if they didn’t.


3 comments on “Disney Hasn’t Learned A Lesson

  1. And yet many otherwise believing Christians still go to Disneyland and Disneyworld, giving their money to the fiends who perpetrate all kinds of hellishness.

    1. That’s what puzzles me, and I see this in many aspects of life. People act as if they have no choice. They complain about the news media, but continue to watch the news on TV. They complain about corrupt pastors, but remain members of churches that are leaving the path of goodness. People complain about ungodly entertainment, but don’t even give a moment’s thought to turning away from such entertainment. Why?

      Our free will is a massive gift from God. It’s not adequate to love what is good, but we have to reject what is bad and not practice bad in our lives. We don’t have to interfere with the choices of others, and in fact, I believe that is quite wrong, but, we can make choices for ourselves, and for dependent children. I don’t have to go to see this movie, and I’m not missing anything by rejecting a movie rooted in badness. It’s ok to say no.

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