Naughty Cats

My, there are a lot of naughty cats out there! A long with a lot of silly humans who are really just asking for it.

Robbie wouldn’t let me make the bed today; but at least she doesn’t knock things off shelves just to see them fall.

13 comments on “Naughty Cats

  1. I loved that cat that didn’t want to be taken out of the house. I’d wager that there was a vet’ visit involved.

    1. Poor Buster would practically annihilate himself, reacting to a vet visit. He’d calm down if I let him sit on my lap while I drove, but then I’d be uneasy about having to make a sudden stop. The vet decided to let him stay home from now on.

    2. That’s impressive. I’ve never swallowed a starling, whole. I have, however, eaten crow. 🙂

    3. I asked the doctor if he’d ever been bitten by a monitor of her size. He said yes–it’s just like getting your hand caught in a car door.

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