I Am *Really* Tired

Worn out iguana | Our Reptile Forum

The weather here has abruptly gone from quite warm to uncomfortably chilly. It was still dark when I woke up this morning, and I went back to sleep. So I’m late.

Don’t expect too much from me today. I will do my best, I will give it all I’ve got… Oh, to be a lad of 60 again!

(Go to the bank. Go to the store. Start typing new chapter set. Generate blog posts…)

I need a couple of grandchildren. Now I understand why Grandpa was so happy to have us around. Oh, he loved us–but we also came in very handy on days like this.

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  1. It’s been pretty chilly for the past week here, too. We went from temps in the 80s one day to the 50s the next day, and it’s pretty much stayed that way since then, except for going into the 40s at night. Time to put the summer clothes away and break out the sweaters. But then again, what else should we have expected around the corner from October?

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