Getting Kids to Eat Bugs

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Chow time, come and get it! (Hey, where did John Kerry go?)

“United Kingdom Research and Innovation,” UKRI for short and “N.I.C.E. in That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis, is experimenting with adding “worms, locusts, and flies” to children’s diets in Africa (

But don’t go thinking this is just another exercise in neocolonialism. Heavens no! A UKRI/NICE spokescreature (is his name Renfield?) says it’s “likely” they’ll start it up back home in Britain, once they’ve got “proof” that eating creepy-crawlies is good for you. Just try it out on Africans first, in case there’s a problem.

Is this another way of saying “Who cares what happens to a bunch of Africans?”

Listen up, you plebs! There’s not enough nice meat to go around, so we’re going to keep it to ourselves and feed you on tasty flies and nice, juicy spiders!

Satan doesn’t just want to destroy us. He wants to degrade us first, so that Hell can laugh at us.

8 comments on “Getting Kids to Eat Bugs

  1. Does anyone here remember the childhood snarky-song, “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I guess I’ll go eat worms”? Who knew that our overlords would adopt the song as a cookbook. (I won’t repeat the whole song, but it does describe the best way to eat the worms.)

    1. Nah, gopher guts come from mammals. We’re supposed to stick to bugs. You know — to go on with the song — the “great big juicy ones, little tiny skinny ones, my how they do squirm. / Pluck the heads off, suck the juice out, throw the skins away….” Oh well, so much for my promise not to give the details. 🙄

    2. Isn’t it amazing how these songs and games do seem to spread everywhere, even though the kids who pick them up have never met each other or been anywhere remotely near each other?

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