Prayer Requests: Michael, Phoebe

Please, let’s all pray for our friends and esteemed colleagues, Michael (“Elder Mike”) and Phoebe. Mike had to have emergency surgery the other day: we’re thankful he’s still here to tell about it. And Phoebe is feeling… well, old, I guess. Not a pleasant feeling.

O Lord our God! We lift up our brother and sister in prayer, calling on your name, because you alone are our God… and as the hymn says, “I am the God that healeth thee.” We trust in your power and your love.

Please, Lord, deliver these your servants out of illness, out of danger, out of trouble. We ask for this blessing in Jesus’ name, Amen.

7 comments on “Prayer Requests: Michael, Phoebe

  1. Our Father in Heaven, according to Your endless love, Your unstoppable power and glory, we lift up these two friends and trust in Your power only to bring them through every difficulty. We cast all our cares upon You, whom we know cares for us. Please heal, strengthen, and bless each of them in the mighty name of Yeshua/ Jesus we pray in agreement. Omein/amen

  2. I thank all of you for your prayers. I can’t pray for everyone by name each day, but there are a few of you that I do, Phoebe, Erlene, Lee & Patty. And of course, those needed prayers for those who need special prayers and needs mentioned every once in a while. And if we forget to pray for others, God doesn’t forget, He knows our needs.

    Dear Lord, we believe you can do all things. And what pain and suffering may come in our lives, everything you allow is for a reason, even if we never understand that reason down here on earth. Nevertheless, we ask for your power for healing and renewal, grant us repentance and forgiveness, and may we walk in Your ways all of our lives.

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